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Am I obligated to do anything?

Hi, Fiverr.

This week has introduced me to my first difficult buyers. :S Recently, I had someone purchase a voice over from me with audio timing. After discussing this back and forth for two days, they finally ordered, and changed the requirements / scope of the project a total of six times. The script changed several times, the tone desired changed several times, and finally the video the audio was going to be timed to changed. Ugh!

Finally, I delivered the order. Accepted. Five stars! It’s done! Or so I thought. The buyer sends me a confrontational message about how two words in the accepted, rated delivery were in the wrong order. It is not a kind ‘Hey I noticed a mistake’ but a ‘YOU DID THIS WRONG’ sort of message.

The order has been accepted and rated. I have already spent too much time with this buyer and I fear if I fix one thing it will be a billion others. Am I obligated to do anything?


No. Block him. Good riddance.


The order is completed so you dont need to offer free work, what you can do is send a custom offer for the extra work.


Some clients are like the same, never stop asking…So block him…


Only if you offer unlimited revisions.


I’m glad I read all about this trap. Some days I feel like the one free revision I offer is too much power for some buyers to handle.

Thanks to everyone who replied! It’s over, it’s done, they’re blocked, and it’s Not My Problem Anymore. On to the next thing!


The top rated seller voiceover artist I’ve had conversations with about this subject offers zero revisions unless he made a mistake.

He very firmly says repeatedly in his gig in no uncertain terms, three times, no revisions. If anyone has the nerve to ask for them he simply points them to his gig description.

I would do the same if I offered voiceovers, to keep from having people think they can demand changes. Some will try it like your buyer did, to an extreme point.

I think it takes complete self confidence to do voice overs.

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I offer zero revisions on most of my gigs, but most of the time revise work FOC even if it’s a buyer oversight. I only don’t when I get a buyer being aggressive like this. People who think it is okay to communicate like this are filth.

All that said, I have had a few experiences where a buyer like this has gone to CS after delivery and got a full refund.

On my crypto writing gig, I had buyers miss-ordering constantly. This resulted in lots of cancellations. I tried to address this by stating in my gig description that I do not cancel or refund orders and that if someone ordered something I don’t provide, I would deliver a 500-word blog post of my choosing aligned to what seemed to be their business niche.

One day, a buyer ordered my (500-word) crypto article writing basic package and requested a 3,000-word whitepaper for a new blockchain project with 1-day delivery. I delivred a 500-word article covering their project as stated in my gig. However, within a few hours after delivery, CS had fully refuned the order and dinged me with a cancellation.

This is something you need to keep in mind. Buyers can push and go over you directly to CS. You also usually know the ones that o this because they purposefully word messages to make it look like you are in the wrong. I’ve even had a buyer photoshop a screenshot of a message from me to make it look like I was admitting to being a fraudster.

Given the fact you are new, I probably would have just revised this order FOC and delivered saying something like “there are no more revisions applicable here.” I wouldn’t have wanted to. I’m just very aware that when a :poop: buyer is determined, they usually get what they want.


Though this was the topic of conversation a handful of days ago and not today, more and more I feel I need to update my gig description and set expectations based on what I’ve learned.


This is what I do: I offer no revisions in my gig package. However, if I make a mistake, I will offer to revise it. But if they change the script or the scope of the order then they need to place a new order.


Yeah, I had something similar happen.

I blocked a buyer after they made insane demands on their order, which was cancelled the day before because they were being rude and extremely demanding.

They REPORTED ME to CS, who emailed me saying I needed to “provide the revision” ??? So basically, the client can make up a story and report you and CS may give them the benefit of the doubt automatically.

Sometimes, when there are reports of this type, I wonder whether that particular CS agent has read the TOS.

“Revisions to deliveries can be performed by Sellers based on the Seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to Buyers, including no revisions.”

The above is from the Terms of Service.

If you don’t offer revisions - or the buyer has used all the revisions you offer - you don’t have to provide them - it’s in the TOS.


Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but are you saying you were told to a revision on a cancelled order?


Same as others, I offer zero revisions but I also state that doing revisions or cancelling an order are at my discretion. Doesn’t solve all issues but I get very few revision requests.

I also send a message to CS as soon as I suspect there’s an issue with a buyer so that at least support won’t just go with the “Buyer messaged first” option which seems to be what happens. If it turns out ok I then update the ticket.


Yes you got to act fast to get there first.

Yep! They lied to CS and said they were owed a revision from a previous project I had completed for them (they weren’t). The script they wanted me to “revise” was actually a brand new script, which they had purchased and I had soon thereafter cancelled because they were a nightmare.

CS read their ticket but did not look into the situation and gave the buyer the benefit of the doubt. I explained and after some back and forth they sided with me.


I’m glad you got it explained to them. Maliciuos buyers will play the victim to customer support and get away with it sometimes.