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Am I off to a good start?

I created my gigs as follows:

2 gigs - 3 days back
2 gigs - 2 days back
1 gig. - 1 day back

Now I have

299 - impressions
23 - clicks(most of them are mine I guess lol🤭)

2 buyer request - sellers replied but could get the order

What do you think about my start and ?Assume how long I have to wait for ma first order.

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The gigs are good. I’d check the descriptions though (eg. things like “its” vs “it’s”, “you’ve came to…”).

Gig “I will deliver blazing resume and cover letter service” has the same gig description as “I will create stunning CV and cover letter for your dream job”.
Maybe make the gig descriptions unique. If they’re basically the same service but reworded titles I’d remove one as we’re not supposed to have duplicate gigs.

Just waiting might not be best - you could read some of the tips on the forum. Continue sending quality offers to requests you can do well. I assume you’ll have orders within a couple of weeks, but that’s just a guess.

Thank a lot for your feedback. That means me a lot.

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