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Am I offering too little or too much?


Hi, this is about my slogan gig.

90% of my clients order the cheapest package. Is there a way to get them to order Standard or Premium?

Your suggestions are appreciated.



My first observation is that after watching your introductory video, it appears as though there is false advertising. Your video states: “5 for $5”, I assume this is 5 slogans for $5. Your description also says “Get 5 Slogans/Taglines with the basic gig.”

However your first package states “3 Slogans for $10” so I’m paying more for less than what’s advertised. As a result, I would be cautious purchasing, so this may be a good place to start.

In addition, I haven’t seen any evidence of slogans you’ve come up with in your description or video. Rather I see copied slogans from other companies, this further sets me back.

Hope the above is helpful to you.


Thanks, I forgot to remove that video. Yes, it used to say 5 for $5 because that was my price back then.

My Standard package is 5 slogans, Basic is 3, Premium is 10.

If you’re referring to the “examples” section, that wasn’t examples of my work, just examples of slogans in general. I’m going to turn Live Portfolio on so people can start seeing the examples I’ve created.

I also deleted those examples. Thanks for your observations, they were helpful.


I see that the only difference between your packages is the number of slogans your provide. The fact that 90% orders the 3 slogans package, to me it means that people prefer to go for 3, and pick 1 of it.

Therefore, my suggestion would be to create only 1 package and increase your price untill you are satisfied. Maybe you can come up with other perks as extra. :slight_smile:


In the gig description (“about this gig”) in a highlight it says "Get 5 Slogans/Taglines with the basic gig. "
but the basic gig (package) has 3 slogans.

What you could do is maybe alter your pricing or the package names/descriptions or the number of slogans to make the buyer want the more expensive packages. You could also adjust the price for quick delivery of some packages. You could make the higher priced packages sound more professional than the basic one. Maybe say you can offer a x% discount on a particular gig package if they message you first.


Thanks for noticing that.

I think for me premium is about offering more. Some people need to see more than 3 slogans to pick one.

In the past I used to sell 5/10/15 slogans, but noticed everyone was ordering 5 or 10, so I changed it to 3, 5, 10, but haven’t made more money.


I would offer either 2/5/10 or maybe better 2/10/15 at current package prices. 2 still gives bargain hunters a sample of 2 to choose from, but your standard option will be a MUCH better deal.

For example, I was going to order a 2 pack of dog clickers on Amazon but 10 was a much better value. I didn’t need 10 but I wanted the best deal and I figured I might lose some or wear them out. Sales psychology can work even when the buyer is aware of the “trick.”.

I do better offering less/more words and slower/faster delivery times than just bouncing prices around. People like getting quantity.


I successfully upsell to people because I get to know them and can make a case for why a higher tier is better value and more productive for their goals. And I make sure I design tiers based on what people want. For example, some people order an audit when it turns out they need direction first.

I’d say I sell custom bundles more often than I upsell because I offer things that go well together, especially for particular needs and goals. And in cases when I upsell, it’s always because the buyer messaged me first for more information or ideas. Then through a conversation I get to know what their pain points are. Then I recommend something accordingly.

I also always ask the buyer if my suggested package interests them and I never send them a custom offer unless they say that yes, they would like to proceed. If you send a custom package or a resolution request for a higher tier before the buyer has confirmed that is what they want to do, they may feel you are hustling and bullying them and decide not to proceed. You never want a buyer to feel pressured.


[Thanks for noticing that.

I think for me premium is about offering more