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Am I pricing my gigs to low?

I have just started as a seller on fiverr but tough I am sending out a lot offers to buyers very few of them reply so is it because they think I am doing very cheap work hence wouldn’t be worth it.

Please help.

Dear Akshatbahety:

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I took a quick look at your gigs and was confused as to why you have no videos.

Your voice-over gig needs a sample so people can determine whether they like the sound of your voice.

Your whiteboard video gig needs a… whiteboard video! (Preferably one without a watermark from the free online service that provides them.)

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

In my opinion, your pricing is not the issue. I believe you should never try to compete on price, only on quality.

As a new Seller, you may have an expectation that Buyers give serious and due consideration to each submission they receive for their Buyer Requests. I believe it’s more likely that they pick the first one they like and ignore all the others. In other words, Buyers have probably already purchased their gig before they see your submission and so they never look at it. You’ll just have to keep trying, and learn to draw customers through your activity on social media.

Good luck,

Thank you so much for advice but I can’t upload my whiteboard video as the storage offered is too low.

I’ll surely add the voice sample

I can’t see the price point being an issue, as take a look around the website, buyers want cheap gigs, they would rather take a punt on gigs for $5 then take a punt on a $25 gig (unless you have high number of reviews) or a truly unique gig.

I just ordered a gig myself, the seller was struggling with the translation from English to Indonesian, it’s for artwork, using an english quote, so I would have paid for a translation service to ensure the artwork is designed how I hope, however instead I designed a rough example using canva, emailed the seller that design and he understands, and in the end I was happy to pay more for his services as he was honest from the outset about being confused over the translation.

Anyway, just from a buyers viewpoint, the more open and honest you are, the more chance someone will take a punt.

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No - biggest problem is marketing…I can help you with that…create steps to achieve success… but keep in mind there is a lot of competition, and skeptics so, consider some other marketing venues…happy to help you at a low rate if you want.