Am I Progressing SLOW or FAST...?


Hi all,
I am actively using Fiverr for about 3 months and i have completed about 16 orders and earned like 95 dollars is it a fast slow or moderate progress.What do you say.
I want all of your suggestions but mostly those who are successful on fiverr so i can get to know where i sand?
Here is my fiverr profile in case you can view and give me suggestions.


Hi, I’ve been on Fiverr 2 months and I’ve done almost $400 on 21 orders. I think you might perhaps be a bit slow? My tip is do check out buyer requests and react on those that interest to you. You’ll get valuable contacts. I’ve had a lot of repeat orders. Also, check your profile grammatically…
Hope this helped. Kind regards, Helena


Thank you it will definitely help me


how much time did you spend waiting for an order ? im new on this :wink:


I’ve been on for 2 months, completed 32 orders totaling just about $500.

By and large, you need to take advantage of the buyer requests and have confidence in your talents and abilities to deliver a great result. I have a couple repeat buyers already.

I would say you are progressing on the slower end of normal.


you are going too slow;
try putting effort in adverts;


Thank you all for your replies