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Am I prostituting myself here?

Okay, not really, but I do kind of feel like I’m selling myself to the lowest bidder. The truth is, I would do this work for free. I will, if anyone requests it and can’t afford to pay. At the same time, I am perpetually broke and could really use even $5/day. I wonder if I am undercharging clients and under-valuing what I do. I’m new to the fiverr platform. I have enjoyed using it as a buyer and am looking to become a seller. What do you guys think? Do the kind of gigs I’m offering hold any appeal to anyone? Am I totally full of sh*t? Sometimes I’m not sure anymore. :wink:

Really inappropriate title for this forum.

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Given the images on some of your gigs and the stock profile picture, the word might be right, but if so it would be a ToS violation. Adult services aren’t permitted. I’m not interested in checking further based on your title, so I have no other comments.

I’m not so sure if talking about “weird stuff” is a hot search topic, let alone appropriate. I think you got the way Fiverr works a bit misconstrued.

Contrary to others who have posted before me I don’t have a problem with the title of your post. As it sometimes does feel that way - not that I have any experience in the prostitution business.

But for the more important topic at hand - your gigs are not necessarily new to Fiverr. There are many people offering Tarot readings and advice etc. Set prices that you think are appropriate for the services that you offer. Have a $5 option and there is nothing wrong with offering higher prices for more services.
Do a good job and the buyers will return and hopefully give you a good review as well. Look at what other sellers in your area are doing and the prices they are charging to get an idea as to what is appropriate.

And never sell yourself to the lowest bidder. It is quite acceptable to tell a buyer no.

Your first sale will happen.

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Says he who posts about cricket.