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Am I required to credit someone?


Someone made a video for me, and at the end, they included their name, logo, and website. I asked if I could crop out that stuff at the end (I didn’t want to just be a jerk and cut it without permission), and he said no, I’m required to leave it in. I’ve reviewed the Fiverr Terms of Service and Policies, and it didn’t state anywhere that I’m REQUIRED to credit the person who made it. What’s the verdict here? Can I leave it out?


Please reread their gig description in case it says anything about leaving the seller’s details on the video. It shouldn’t BTW.

You own the video, and you’re free to do what you like with it.

The seller should not be watermarking your video with their details. please message them again to ask for the video without the watermark.

If they refuse, please report this to CS - it’s your video, you paid for it for your business, not to promote the seller.

Good luck!


No they should not be putting anything about themselves on a video you purchased from them.

If they will not remove it you are entitled to a refund. If they will not give you one, tell this to customer support and I’m sure you will get one.