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Am I responsible for unexpected errors that occur after order completion



So the thing is that, I got an order completed from a client and before he tested it, I found some errors and sent another update the next day. Now it has been more than two weeks since the order completed. The task was actually to reskin a game. The original game code (from which I reskinned was provided by client and it contained some custom shaders).

Now the client is complaining that the game doesn’t work on his device. I tested it on my device and on two other devices (of my friends ). The game worked fine as expected. I also asked client if he needs any-kind of proof that the game is running fine on our devices.

But the client is still angry on me, so, I am here for suggestions. What should I do now? And does it seem to be my responsibility anymore? Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated as I’m new.

Thank you :slight_smile:


May be buyer still running older version.
Ask him what error message he is getting and solve the problem accordingly.

Yes, Ethically you are responsible.


Thank you for the reply, actually I asked him to show me screenshots of error hi is seeing. I also asked him if he is using the latest version of project.

Somehow, according to him, in the editor there are no errors. The game is just not working on his device.

And yes I understand that fixing errors in clients projects (developed by me) is my responsibility even after the order. But this time, I think it may be a compatibility issue. May be his device is not compatble for the game?


Since you don’t have access to unlimited different devices, there is no way you can test it on his device or every device in the world. There is also the slight possibility he is being less than truthful.

Did he mention this right away or after a period of time from when you delivered it? I think you could simply tell him that without actually being in possession of his particular device you have no way to fix that problem for him. He would be unreasonable to assume you could make something that works on every possible device. You should include that disclaimer in your gig description.

I don’t think it’s your problem actually as for all you know his device is simply old or not compatible or underpowered, any number of problems that have nothing to do with what you delivered.

Since he waited two weeks to notify you it’s not working, my feeling is that he is not being truthful. No one waits to complain that long if something is wrong.

Ask him to send you proof it’s not working on his device.

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Thank you for the good suggestion, I think I should do it.

Actually the client was really nice to me, he was a regular customer and we never had any conflicts before. So I still think that he speaking the truth.

And I think that asking him for proof may be a little rude.

By the way thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your suggestions.

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Oh I see! In that case you’re right, you can’t ask for proof.

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