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Am I still listed?


Guys, Can anyone check if my gigs are still listed? I am a seller for 7 years now, and always had 1-4 orders daily, and now I have not have a message from new prospects or order from clients in 10 days. Something is off here.
Thank you!

Fiverr support not responding anymore?

Morning Sheila! :sunny:

I can see 18 gigs if it helps?


Yes, I do have 18. I am just wondering what could have happened? I did not do any policy violation, all my metrics are well above the line. 1-2 days without order is statistically possible. 10 dry days is really improbably unless Fiverr hides/supresses my listings.


Recently edited any of your gig ?


Hello Sheila,
I just checked for a keyword “cleanse aura” and your gig comes up 1st in recommended. - that’s really good result.

Last weeks or even months a lot of sellers mentioned a drop in sales and still nobody knows what caused this.


Yes, I have modified the tags, making them more relevant. (or writing them at all)


Wow, thanks a lot! It’s hard to look up myself! So… I am still puzzled what is causing this dry period… never had it before. I am online as much as I can, probably about 12 hours a day.


You can get the best view of what really is appearing for your gigs if you download a browser called Epic. I was mystified about why I get less than half my orders for the past 30 days. I found out only using this browser that my gigs are hardly visible.

If I view them in my usual chrome browser they look as if they are showing first but to everyone else they are not. I don’t even appear online when I am.

Fogi our section shows “best sellers” first. It shows “recommended” when you click on that section. Right now I’m in recommended, far down. So hardly anyone sees them. I wouldn’t have known this had I not installed Epic browser.

I also have gigs that are not in search at all or showing anywhere now for some reason.


Thank you for your information. I am new but had completed over 100 orders and not getting much now. Your post will help me in this case too!


Strangely, I can find my gigs going anyonymus. So I am definitely listed. Still suspicous, not orders, no messages from new customers for 10 days


@fogi Yes but they probably are not being shown to you in the actual places they are in.

That’s why it was eye opening to use the Epic browser to see where they really are on the site.

I’m almost in the same boat you are in, or getting there.


having same issue. in past 10 days just got few messages & orders from my old buyers & not get any message or ordes from new buyers. if i search main keywords then i can see my main selling gig is on first page but not getting responds from new buyers. can’t understand the real issue…


I have noticed a huge decrease in the number of messages, impressions, clicks, and orders in the past 7-10 days. At first I thought it was just a normal fluctuation. But, all my numbers are down 70-90%. I used a new browser in privacy mode to check out Fiverr. Because I have never used this browser before and because it is in privacy mode, it will give me the same view as someone visiting the site for the first time.

I found that my best selling gig, one that was white hot for the past three months can’t be found in search. Weird. My other gigs are buried much deeper in search than I have seen them for years.

I made a few changes to the gig that was not showing up. I’m hoping this kickstarts things. I am also going to start working hard to drive more traffic to my gigs.

The gig that has disappeared converts really well and is better rated than any of the competitors that do show up.

I understand that search ranking fluctuate, but having a gig disappear is disturbing. It is also strange to see my other gigs go down so low in search. I wonder if there is a new algorithm being tested.


Using chrome in privacy mode will not show you where the gigs actually are.

You need to download and use Epic browser to see where they really are.

Privacy mode in chrome still allows fiverr to see who you are. It looks like there are one to three tracking apps from fiverr.

All this month I thought my gigs were showing on the top rows, but I wasn’t getting orders or impressions so I was confused, when my gigs are actually very hard to find.


This is an interesting thread. At least I know I’m not alone. 10 days…I got your all beat. It has been 3 months for me that I got a new email from a new prospect. It’s upsetting but I have established such a loyal base that I have been getting plenty of orders form repeat clients. But some day the repeat clients will stop repeating and unless I have a new base established with new clients my luck will run out.

Miss Crystal. This Epic browser has peeked my interests. I’m sure there are not many who use Epic (I never heard of it before). By far Chrome and Firefox are the most popular browsers. So what I don’t understand…if buyers are using Chrome and Firefox…why wouldn’t I see the same results as they do when I use Chrome and Firefox? I’m going to check this Epic browser out.


Epic browser is different in the technology it uses and it says it is much more private and blocks some tracking apps.


I’m in the same boat as you guys. I was on the first page under “Best Selling” tab and climbing, then the orders just stopped coming. Last month, I stopped receiving orders on my other 2 gigs, which were starting to work well too. It happened for no reason at all. I contacted Fiverr, thinking that my account and all my gigs were blacklisted, but they confirmed that everything is fine. Well, it’s not fine. I’m making 10% of what I used to make 2-3 months ago. From the first page to 13th page now. Getting 5 star reviews too, more than others near me and still dropping. I have no idea what the hell is going on.


I did this too couple of days ago…I couldn’t find it either so I contacted CS. They told me it was a bug and they fixed it within few hours. I recommend you to contact them immediately


I contacted CS as well, and I have received a canned answer, about the marketplace has it’s fluctuation, and listings don’t guarantee sales, blah blah. Did not address any of my concerns.


May be some curse on u