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Am i stupid or just a good guy?

I’ve been here for a year or two now, always looking to give the best services, not for the buyer, but because it makes me feel good, i want my work to be perfect.

The thing that’s holding me back, is that sometimes when i get an order and the job costs more than what the buyer paid, i can’t tell the buyer to pay more, i feel weird, sad and angry, i can’t tell him you have to pay more, i start thinking, maybe he does not have that much money, maybe he can’t pay more, maybe he’ll hate me after that…

So most of the time i end up doing the work anyway and not ask for more, and when it’s a very big amount, i ask them for it and explaine exactly why, adding that if they can’t afford it we can cancel the order with no hard feelings…

So WTF is wong with me ? i mean it’s my right to ask for the right amount for my work, why i can’t do it ? any therapy sessions around here ?

Nothing is wrong is with you. You are just too nice. But if it´s okay for me to say something, you should learn to value yourself because most people out there will ˝violate˝ your kindness if you are not careful. Learn to stand your ground. I know it is probably not easy for some people. I was like that too when I was in my early 20s. I was afraid to ask for a raise from my boss because I was afraid my boss would fire me. I always did my job beyond expectation and I had always been loyal. But somehow I had that fear. And then when I got to 25 a friend of mine told me the same thing like what I just told you ˝learn to value yourself˝. Since that on, everytime I worked for someone (company), and I knew I always did well and always more than what they expected, I started to ask for a raise in my nicest possible way (I read some articles on Google first about how to ask for a raise before I asked for a raise, lol). Guess what? All my employers who employed me after I changed my attitude surprisingly they did not fire me, in fact up until now I am still in a good relationship with them eventhough I don´t work for them anymore. They actually respect me. They even wish I would come back, but they are all overseas and I am retired so most likely I will never come back to work for them again :slight_smile:

It may not work for some cases as some bosses/employers are not good. Perhaps there are some people have got fired for asking for a raise. But that means those employers are not good. I personally don´t wanna work for people who are not good to me.

A really nice story, you wre afraid of getting fired, me i just feel bad for the buyers, i find it hard to ask for more money… :frowning:

Don´t feel bad. Unless you work for charity, you must not feel bad to ask for more money. Don´t go above and beyond for nothing. If you deserve to get more money and it is good for you then don´t feel bad to get it. Don´t get manipulated by your feelings nor your buyers. I bet 99% of the buyers don´t care about what you want to achieve in your life or what your dreams are. They only care about their own businesses (and that´s okay too). Meanwhile, you get to decide if you want to value yourself more. And it does NOT make you a bad person if you ask for more money. It just means you are trying to be more realistic. Oh well, at least that´s how I see it. Good luck :slight_smile:

Yes it happens with me also many times while designing…because when the buyers request something, I quote based on the normal work but sometime the final result is too good for that order quotation…but then we cannot charge more of that because then the buyers will feel weird about that…Moreover what annoy me is that when they asked for more modification to that…Anyways…we have to deal it with patience and think carefully about the quotes for that particular order…

Just do the work based on the price…or offer price based on the work the buyers want to be done.