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Am i suppose to my current gigs

I just want to know that, am I suppose to edit current gig details and prices? is anything will happen when I edit it? please help.


I don’t understand this question. Why do you assume you’re supposed to edit your gig details and prices?

It’s very hard to say what’ll happen to a gig after it’s been edited. Not all edits will improve a gig. Some will even make it worse.

You’ll generally find your gig disappears from search for a short while. You may also find your position in the search results changes; although, this is far from being a black-and-white issue. Many notice no change.


Hi, please come again with a little more brief!

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Hello, i just want change the prices of some gigs and i just want to change the description and the gig topic. will it lead to any problem regarding my account or my gigs.

If you think it will support you well in your future presentation, then you must go for that. remember the title you’ve selected at first time will remain same, but your information can be modify and it’s a good habit to make improvements.

If you want to make a small change hope it will not cause a problem @sau_madushi

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Welcome to the forum. In future, when you want to ask a question totally unrelated to the OP’s original question, you should create your own thread.

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