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Am I the only demotivated by the new ranking system?


Cheers everyone,

Much has been said about the new ranking system, but today I want to speak about feelings. The new system is suppose to motivate sellers, but it has done just the opposite to me. Although I have not been demoted, the truth is I don’t feel safe and happy in Fiverr as a seller. Most of the time I am terrified by random bad ratings or cancelations that have nothing to do with my job or skills. The new system is A CONCERN, not a tool.
We all know the problems this system has:

  • Clients that don’t give you a 5* rating because “they never do” or only God is perfect, or some random reason they chose.
  • Response rate calculated by a faulty algorithm.
  • Clients that kidnap your effort and time and that threaten you with bad ratings if you don’t do more than expected.
  • Clients that don’t provide you with instructions on time and affect your delivery time.

There is yet another subject: I have been eligible for TRS for years, and I know I will not be one. However, I have to be faced every month with the same protocol: “you are being evaluated, we will get back to you in 48 hours… you know what, you aren’t good enough, bye!”

Now I know that guy will pop up saying “you are a DOER!!! Keep fighting!! Fiverr is flawless and the most fair environment ever!!!” but no, this isn’t truth. Your time, effort and dedication is only a part of your success on Fiverr, and the new system just makes this more clear every month.

And one just gets tired of that, ya know.


Yeah Man. I am also demotivated through new level system.


You are a DOER!!! Keep fighting!! Fiverr is flawless and the most fair environment ever!!!

Sorry, someone had to do it…

3 out of 4 of the issues you listed are the fault of buyers, not Fiverr.

I had a client order a translation today through my proofreading gig. They somehow thought that ordering there would mean I would translate approx 1500 words for the price of 600. If I cancel, it affects my completion rate. If I insist on being paid the correct rate, they may cancel or give a bad review.
Now, how can any of that be Fiverr’s fault? It is the buyer who caused the issue!

I do think this is a needless waste of seller’s time and attention. I suspect/hope that this will not be broadcast every single month now that sellers understand how it all works. It is early days with the new system, I think there will be changes and updates to how it works so my suggestion (and plan for myself) is to roll with it and aim to keep my stats on target until they sort out the issues with it.


I’m curious, how did you handle that buyer?


But shouldn’t there be a set of rules for buyers as well? If someone orders the wrong thing then you are right, it’s the buyers fault. But even worse, what if they order something you don’t even offer? I proofread German texts but someone wanted me to proofread an English text. Cancelled order and the buyer has to suffer from it? Fiverr is just as good as the system allows it to be. And despite being grateful for one or two great opportunities on this platform, it basically gives me a lot of trouble since the start, the evaluation system only makes it worse.
I’ve been demoted because of a 89% response rate as I didn’t answer 4 requests. Fair enough. Now I’ve answered 8 new requests within just a couple of days and it went to 90%. Now I tried calculating if that is even a thing but it would require me to know what my response rate was before the 60 days so I just took it. These past days I’ve been on vacation mode to work off way too many orders I had to accept because some sellers don’t accept a no and keep messaging you till you accept. And while I was in vacation mode, my response rate went back down to 89% eventhough I didn’t get any messages from new sellers and since I don’t know when I will be active again, I very much doubt I’ll be able to get it back and keep it stable on 90% for the next evalutation.

What if someone threatens to give a bad review if we don’t do extra work, should we refuse and then just report them to the customer support? What if someone steals our work, let’s us do a job, says it’s bad and keeps the file anyway? In my opinion, the evaluation system as it is now, isn’t meant to motivate sellers but rather to sort out the “unreliable” sellers so that the buyers can have a good experience because the buyer is king, you know…

As for my response rate, at this point I don’t even care anymore. I’ll ignore its existence from now on because I can’t please this platform anyway.


You make some good points OP. I do think it’s all about improving the quality of sellers and trying to keep sellers behaving responsibly.

The bad ones make it harder for everyone.

The response rate is my main issue right now. Holding onto that missed response for 60 days seems a bit much. Also, missing one message out of 200 in 60 days should be 99.5%, not 99%. Keeping that at 100% with so many messages, which aren’t marked in any way when they have not yet been answered is simply impossible.


I sent them a custom extra for the additional amount and an explanation as to why the price was higher. They actually had bought from me before approx a year ago so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. Their English is not good so they may have just clicked into the wrong gig on my profile.

The word from customer service is that it is being worked on but as I said elsewhere, this is difficult to manage because as soon as there is an option for cancelling that won’t affect the seller, EVERY cancellation will suddenly be for that reason- its not as easy as just giving an option.

I’m sorry, but this seems like it is you misunderstanding how percentages work, not with how they are calculated. There could be issues with the system but it is important to realize that answering a message does not equate to the same percentage drop as not answering one.
The stat is calculated over 60 days so the drop while in VM is likely because 61 days ago, you had responded to a couple of messages which have just stopped being included in the calculations.


If you do the job and you believe it is done according to the gig description then don’t cancel.

How can that be a bad thing? Sort out unreliable sellers - great. Stop or reduce the number of absolutely rubbish sellers on the platform so that Fiverr’s reputation increases and buyers keep using the platform.


Exactly why I said I can’t calculate it properly because it changes every day. So I’d have to know what my response rate was 60 days before the 15th of January and then figure out how many new messages I received in the meantime. I just accepted that it has to be correct but that doesn’t make it easier to actually trace it.

They’ve made a dashboard in which you can see the deadlines for orders, why don’t they add some kind of overview that shows you which messages you haven’t replied to yet. It gets messy for me with around 10 people messaging me per day (about 90% are returning customers) and I can imagine that there are plenty of people receiving many more messages per day than I do. So why not make it easier for the seller?

I’d say it can be a bad thing if it’s not the sellers fault in first place. A seller isn’t bad just because he had a series of cancelled orders because the buyer didn’t read correctly, for example.


No they don’t. If I have a bad experience at one restaurant, I don’t just scream “**** it! I’m never dining out again.”

Fiverr is the same way, or it used to be before they decided to become People Per Hour, Freelancer, and all the other losers.

The bad sellers were being destroyed by bad reviews! A bad seller doesn’t get 5 stars! Now thanks to Fiverr, good and great sellers are being destroyed.

You’ve talked to them, there’s a woman who get paid $600 to write romance novels, she was DEMOTED, and now she lives in fear of being demoted again.

Now instead of waiting for Fiverr to find us clients, we’re supposed to promote our gigs like peddlers in a bazaar. Instead of keeping our EARNED levels, we’re supposed to maintain ridiculous standards.

Worst part is the Fiverr Apologists, the excuse makers, “yes officer, I was robbed but it was my fault for leaving the house.”

So no, @salidarvuelta, you’re not the only one demotivated. I reckon most sellers are demotivated. The TRS demoted to level 2, the level 2’s demoted to level 1’s, the sellers who have seen their income drop by 50-90%, they’re all pretty demotivated.

I had to delete 3 gigs, how motivating can that be?


Oh, did you actually have to delete them? I’d understood it so that the number of Active gigs is the thing and that we could move the surplus over to the Paused tab.

Having to delete them is weird, that makes no sense, especially since one could bounce between levels, so if you get promoted next evaluation date, you´d have enough slots for the deleted gigs again. :confused:


I’m motivated by it. I feel bad for those who got demoted through no fault of their own. And I know it’s not fair in some ways. But I was tired and DEmotivated knowing there were sellers who were actually awful in every way showing up in levels they didn’t belong in.

Again I want to emphasize I know there are a lot of sellers who did not deserve to be demoted who got caught in the system.


Frankly to say I’m too dislike the new level system.

Yes I’m lucky enough to stay TRS this month, how about next month I get demoted and I need to wait 14 days for the fund clearance and suddenly my income start messed up.

I hope fiverr correct the cancellation & response rate. There’s really no big deal responsing less messaging in the nowadays messaging world. We are not a bot. Even the CEO didn’t reply 90% of our replies on twitter.

Does it make sense?


No, but they never eat at that restaurant again - many see Fiverr as the restaurant, not the seller.

The problem is that this was not actually happening; people just cancelled to avoid bad reviews as soon as a buyer said they were unhappy. That costs Fiverr money and screws up a buyer’s thinking so they do it to other sellers too.

No, the worst part is the fact that many of the people who are complaining most about it are those who made it necessary for Fiverr to do something to stop all the cancellations; all the people who just didn’t bother responding for whatever reason; who tried to manipulate the system and ended up costing Fiverr money and reputation. Those are the ones I have an issue with, those are the ones who should be held accountable or blamed for situations like the e-book writer you mentioned. Not Fiverr.


cancel it - it was just a confusion

Yes, that was the reason given by my ‘reckless orderer’ to cancel his order with me because he’s wrongly ordered for the second time - 3 out of 5 correct ain’t bad I suppose.

Result - my orders completed are going to nosedive below 90% for the next evaluation through no fault of mine.

My days of being responsible for anybody other than myself are well and truly over. If I still get buyers ordering in a stupid way when I offer the most simple to understand gigs on the face of the earth I’m afraid I don’t get why it counts against me.

I’ve never cancelled a gig after delivery - they’ve all been mutually done in the nicest way possible.

I’ve paused all my gigs - can’t be doing with the added stress I’m afraid.


See? This is the type of BS situation that has been caused all because of sellers who abused the system and cancelled to avoid a bad review. Fiverr had to do something to stop them and the great sellers like you are affected because of it.


Ignore it all, go on as before, you did well. When you know it´s like that, you can´t take those levels serious anyway.


This royally sucks BANANAS :banana: pausing gigs to avoid “I can’t comprehend the English language/gig description” buyers from Fudging up stats. Sorry, you had to make this decision. :smirk:


I had to delete them because they were under 4.8 and were more trouble than they were worth. Before, my focus was on making money, now, my focus is on getting 5 stars because anything less puts me under 4.8.

Thanks Fiverr! And Thanks community for hiding my post. Glad to see how the forum encourages and exchange of ideas.


Ah, okay, thank you, it sounded as if you had to delete them because of the gig number.


That is a mistake. If I see a troll on Facebook, I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg. Fiverr should educate buyers instead of punishing sellers.

That wasn’t always the case, I’ve had a seller who kept refusing my cancellation request, so I gave up, gave him 1-star. A few months later, his gig was stopped and eventually he quit Fiverr. See? The system self-regulates, we don’t need Fiverr overlords getting involved.

No, not true, while my cancellation rates went from 8% to 17%, that’s the price of doing business. Most buyers are cheap and demand perfection, when they don’t get it, they demand their money back. Whenever I refused, CS would refund the order, so I had no choice but to refund. Fiverr screwed me for that and for having a 4.7 instead of a 4.8. All my other metrics were perfect, but Fiverr doesn’t care, they decided to turn us into The Hunger Games. May the metrics be ever in your favor.

Fiverr has plenty of both, how many millions did they spend buying And Com? How much do they spend on Facebook ads? Come on, Fiverr is worth millions. How else do you think they can afford offices in New York City? That’s the most expensive place in the world for office space, specially Manhattan. They also have offices in Miami and other places.

Besides, the enemies of Fiverr are old school graphic designers that think every logo is worth $500 and every job should be delivered in 2-weeks. It’s the cubicle people, the Dilberts of the world, who hate Fiverr because they hate the gig economy. Fiverr can’t do anything about them, they should instead focus on the future and avoid getting political.