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Am I the only Ghostwriter who feels this way?


So I have really never had a problem, but I recently had a person buy my one of my gigs which had a 4 day delivery set on it. That was great! However, those 4 days are put there because I NEED those four days for that exact amount of words and still complete other orders in line before it. However, they bought my gig with x13 additions words for 500. So with the word count of the gig and the extras it equaled 8,500 words in 4 days!! While I still had orders before them! Shouldn’t we be able to add extra days when they request more words like that?! Or are we able too and I have been missing out on it. Anyways, I only make this post because afterwards I kindly asked them to message me before their next order and I will gladly make a custom order, but they DID IT AGAIN! So now I feel stressed and rushed, I am happy they seemed to like my work but I was stressed during the last order and it took the fun out of writing for them.


Under the Resolve Now button, you do have the option to ask for an extension of delivery timeframe. It’s under different headings including the buyer will order again option. Request your additional days and let them know why in a professional manner why you need them. They’ll either accept the request or deny it, which means if you can’t get that many words done in those many days without feeling stressed, you may need to cancel altogether and again, explain the situation.

I have a client who orders bulk projects all the time on my 3-day news rewrite gig. He always agrees to extend the delivery because he knows the quality is well worth the wait.

Good luck.