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Am I the only one facing slow selling?

Hi I’m Misbah ,I’m just wondering why I’m facing slow selling? I’m level 2 seller and was doing well and established a good portfolio in a short time, but from mid of October ,2020 my selling dropped suddenly and now I am facing slow selling, so what should I do?

Any suggestions ?


You are not alone. Basically after pandemic many people lost their jobs and they have now opted freelancing as their source of income that’s why there is higher competition now .Maintain your good rating, respect customers you will surely have good business ! .


We are all on this, i’m facing this too but we must be patient, remember that we can’t have everything just like we want everytime


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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This is their vacation time I thing you know because you are a lavel2 seller. I am also lavel1. So you have passed this time and me also. So be patience.

Thank you for sharing the article. Seems quite helpful to me

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Dear friend,
You are also like me. Have patience. The more you keep patience, the better you explore up your skills.

Happy earning!