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Am I the only one facing these issues?

Hi, I started selling full-time on fiverr like 2 months ago. Everything had been going very well and I got a couple of orders as well.
But recently I have been facing two issues.

  1. Although I was shown as online in the first days. but since last couple of days (15-20 days) although I am online on fiverr app for almost whole of thee day (my connectivity is always on and I keep opening the app at intervals). Now, the issue is that I am shown as offline on fiverr to users until and unless I log in through my laptop. I think I made my explanation a bit confusing but simply my account appears to be offline.
  2. The second issue is with my gig. My gig had been ranking on first page and it ranked on there until I noticed an issue. The issue is that whenever I am logged in, my gig appears on first page to me (only to me, not to users) While I tried searching my gig on my brother’s laptop, it was appearing on 4th page. Like I have been worried, the gig that was appearing on first page has been thrown to 4th page directly although I have still 1 or 2 ongoing orders on that gig.
    Well to simplify the issue, I would say “My gig appears on first page to me while it appears on fourth page to users.”

Can anyone tell me whats the possible issue behind these both problems especially the second one? Is it a bug or something?
Kindly provide me some good suggestion to solve the issue as soon as possible :slight_smile:
Thankyou :slight_smile:


Your gig will be displayed in different spots for different users. Even if you refresh your page while looking at your gig, some of the time you will see it move location.


So, is that usual?
And is it a good thing for gig or it might affect my orders?

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As far as I know it’s typical behavior.

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I also thought the same, it worries me now :frowning:

Life is too short to worry all the time. Roll with the punches, improvise on the fly, and don’t stop improving. Worrying will just slow down your progress.


Thank-you for that kind advice :slight_smile: