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Am I the only one having difficulties recovering from Vacation mode?

Fiverr was awesome… i had a steady momentum gaining buyers and orders. then inevitably i had to take a month long vacation for studies and exams… when i’m back, I couldn’t get a single original buyer. fortunately i had few loyal clients who noticed my comeback and ordered my gigs. Even now after a month and half, i don’t get much from fiverr as i’m with perfect ratings.

Am i the only one who’s facing this kind of problem? Is there possibly a hidden bug in vacation mode?
Is there something I’ve done wrong?

PS - Also this is my first ever post on the Fiverr Forum… i’ve read the “do’s and dont’s” here and in my knowledge this is appropriate post here… if not please kindly notify me.

Vacation mode had been that way since its inception. Fiverr claims it doesn’t do that but ask anyone who’s used it and it does. It can sometimes take months to get back to where you were. Try refreshing your gigs, update the descriptions, add a new video or update the pics, sometimes that makes the system get you back into the search because it sees “new stuff”

Right, so its not just me! Thank you for your suggestions… i’ll try them and let you know! :slight_smile:
And if you’re seeing this Fiverr support… Please do something and repair your damn system for godsake without making us frustrated! Pretty please!

Some sellers suggest pausing the gigs, as sometimes the vacation mode doesn’t stick or somehow you get an order, and you miss it, then get a late penalty.

I think October has been an odd month, with what seems like a few big Fiverr updates.

yeah… i don’t understand why they keep doing that? “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” Fiverr!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the time there have been no issues but once my gigs disappeared completely for search and categories, cs fixed it for me though after a month. Another time it took me 2 months to recover. Now i dont use it, i just max the delivery times when i’m too busy.

Not that i ever had and actual vacation though, um well i did take half a day off on christmas day 2014 and before that i had a week off in 2006 ,rented a cabin off the grid and ended up making a deal with the owner resulting in me renovating the cabin for a week.

That’s really disappointing to hear… all the fiverr support is do just do a search using gig title and say it appears in search. I’ve checked it by myself with few times, trust me it doesn’t. why would we bother to tell them if it shows up in the first place?
I said "I’ve used my exact gig title and just “woocommerce fix” neither seems to show my gig. I didn’t navigate to the very bottom of search results because why would anyone do that? I’m a level 2 seller with good reputation i must appear in a decent spot. even some of the new sellers are appearing but not my gig."
and the support replies me with "it’s very possible for even highly rated users to drop in our rankings if other users have been performing at a higher rate than they have."
Well duh! I couldn’t perform well because your system took all my business and clients!
They just don’t care cause there are so many people working here and ensuring fiverr gets its share.
They don’t address a problem unless its affecting them in someway.
I’m sick of this now :frowning: