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Am I the only one not receiving orders?


Why am I not receiving orders? Is it some kind of fall? Does anyone know the reason behind? If it’s just happening with my me, please give your valuable suggestions & guidance! THANK YOU!


I have no idea why, but I have the same situation.


There are three reasons why you are not receiving the sales that you want.

1.) Your expectations are too high. Having gigs on Fiverr does not guarantee you sales. You still have to work for your sales – market, promote, write exceptional copy. Expecting that you will be wealthy or overwhelmed by sales merely because you think your gigs are great is a sure-fire way not to succeed on this site.

2.) Perhaps no one is looking for the services that you offer. Or, perhaps your prices aren’t favorable to your customer base. Experiment. Work to find the right combination of sales and prices that appeal to your customer. YOU are responsible for your own success. Don’t expect Fiverr to do it for you.

3.) Perhaps there is just too much competition for your services. There are thousands of sellers on Fiverr, each one trying to be seen for their services over everyone else. Competition is fierce. Don’t expect to be top dog and get all the sales, when there are thousands of other sellers trying to do the same thing.

Have realistic expectations, don’t complain, and be willing to work for your success.


Thanks jonbass for the detailed answer! This actually made me realized where I am lacking. Thanks!


I have no idea but I have the same issue.


i was feeling the same way too until few days ago I just received my first order. Dont give up. Try to find ways to advertise your gigs. I shared it on facebook groups.


It is happening to me too, it is so weird…I used to have at least 3 orders during weekend and during the week I get more…but now I’m not receiving anything…not even inbox asking for services…I am very worry :frowning:


It’s not weird. Just like in any business, there are periods of high sales, and there are periods of low sales. Fiverr is no different.

If sales are down, work to bring them back up through marketing and other SEO tasks. You are responsible for your own success. Don’t count on Fiverr to be your only source of traffic.


Fourth day without an orders :frowning: I send 10 proposals to buyer request section everyday. Promoting my gigs on social media. I have had better sales when I was non-level seller. I don’t know why.


Same as me :frowning:


I am also not receiving orders :frowning: same issue happen with me.


It’s not “an issue”. This is normal. There are ups and downs in any business. Sometimes you have many sales, other times you have few. This is completely normal. You’ve been around on Fiverr long enough to know this.

If sales are down, work to bring them back up through marketing and other SEO tasks. You are responsible for your own success. Don’t count on Fiverr to be your only source of traffic.


My gigs DROPPED this month. All the gigs with 0 or less than 5-star reviews are all the way climbing to the top while mine aren’t even noticeable.


I’m also not receiving orders from last month. I don’t now what happened with my gigs.


This might be an impact on your fiverr gigs ranking due to fiverr updates…!!!


No, I am with you, thats True we are not adversiting, But may be we are not getting any favor of fiverr search, I could not find any of my gig in the search, if buyers not see my service how they will order it,




I’m agree, I have already modify some of my gigs in order to get views and appear on the searches. But at least for me, this low season its not “normal”, because last year I was full with work. Anyway, I’m keep working on that :).


well some times it happens but not always. You got orders whenbuyer feels you bets fit on his.her demand.


Same to me. I don’t know what is happening but from 5 new clients per day to zero is something else and not something we do wrong. I’m 100% rated seller with top quality works. I think my portfolio is the best proof of my service.But simply our gigs are not clicked by people anymore.

Also Fiverr experimenting with promoting gigs as Beta for now. But If promoting gigs will be a thing officially bye bye traffic to sellers who don’t pay for promoting. You’ll have to pay to promote your gigs. not only to promote but to get a sale. I know this because i register as a seller to another website like fiverr which they use promoting gigs as a feauture… I don’t pay them so i didn’t get any order for 3 months now. Nothing. I hope fiverr will not be like this.