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Am I The Only One Of You To Face This...?


Hello People,Hope you all are fine
I am a software and web developer and getting good time on fiver,actually loving it but I have a question that all of my work that i have done costs a lot more but i have to reduce my price to get orders because a lot of people sell same gig for less price(do not know about their quality of services).Does it happen to all of you ? am I making some mistake?
here is my profile on fiverr you may check
your kind suggestions are appreciated.
MrA Developers


Hi, how are you ? I hope good. well if you want me to be positive. your gigs look like all the other gigs out there. You need to stand out a little. What makes your product so special among the abyss. Wow I did a paper on that last month. I put it on linked in. It was great. talking about the abyss and how you can control it.


I think that until a seller builds their reputation and gig sales up, then they must offer lower prices.


You’re doing well, mostly, and I see that sales are trickling in. Here are a few ideas for you:

Your profile reads:

Hi,I am Ali Haider founder of MrA Developers.Passionate to learn and explore new thing.
With more than 2+ years of experience in the field of programming and development.Our
team members believe in customer satisfaction and high quality product delivery in time
with no excuses.

Change it to:

You could spend hundreds of dollars updating your website to make it responsive. (A “responsive” website is one that shows up correctly no matter what device someone uses to view it.) Instead, spend just tens of dollars letting me build you a beautiful, modern website that will show up well on Google, and which will turn your site visitors into actual customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so order now and let me get to work for you. -Ali

You have a lot of other errors in your gig titles and gig descriptions. If you make the edit above, message me, and I will be happy to proof your other stuff (at no cost, of course).

Personalize your profile and gig images. A lot of very successful sellers don’t do this, but people like to know who they’re dealing with. Present yourself as friendly and professional (otherwise, stick with the logo).

#1 SUGGESTION: Raise your base price to $25 or $50. Try it for a couple of weeks at least. The $5 base price for a website is a huge turnoff to the entire western world (80%+ of Fiverr buyers?). A $50 website sounds like a wicked bargain. A $5 website sounds like a fiasco. What serious business owner wants a $5 website?


That you very much sir i am messaging you so we can talk


i am a web developer too on fiverr , I also worked for less prices from when i had no level upto i have become level 2 now i increase my prices because i know that i should get this much money at least for my high quality designs

if you think you worth it and your work worth it you should increase your prices