Am I the only one who browses gigs to read negative reviews?


Like honestly, reading stuff like “AVOID THIS SELLER!!! UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, AND I GOT NO CONVERSIONS FROM HIS BACKLINKS” or “I bought 8000 followers but now I have 100!???” brings a smile to my face. The occasional “Seller won’t do a sixth revision” negative review is pretty funny as well.


I don’t look at gigs just to read the bad feedback, but when I do look at gigs, I do read all the negative feedback.

I just got my first negative feedbacks today. They were both from the same guy. Everything he said in his feedbacks is exactly opposite of all my other feedbacks, so it’s obvious that he’s lying and just bought the gigs to ruin my 100% positive rating… CS won’t take them down either… sigh I guess 99% positive rating will have to do.


“Rude, incapable, dishonest” with 100% positive rating before the negative… lmao I hope the trolls don’t get me too o.O


Every buyer write like that, Rude, dishonest and total scam


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The best is when I’ll get someone who is mad at me and says “This is a scam. Do not buy.” If I was a scammer, how did I get 2,000 + positive reviews?!


I read them and laugh. Actually, I have had a few of them posted about me! Usually a negative review is because there is a lack of understanding between both parties. You will always run into a bad egg somewhere along the line. The majority of buyers on fiverr are fab though, it;s that small 1% that spoil the feedback for serious sellers out of hate!


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Reply to @writers: You’re spot on. And with most people it can be worked out!


I do read negative comments before buying a Gig, but when I see hundreds of positive reviews vs a couple of negative reviews written in a poor and insulting English, I totally ignore them and go ahead with my purchase. L-)