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Am I the only one who can't change the sample video's thumbnail?

Hello everyone! Seems like Fiverr has made some bad changings in the website or it’s just my account that got SICK.

  1. I was not able to see the buyer’s name to whom I sent offers
  2. Now a moment ago,I discovered that I can’t change my video’s thumbnail that’s absolutely irritating me :frowning:

Is this only me or anyone else here who’s facing this situation?

Changing thumbnail might need CS approval. It will get changed within 24 hours.

I used to change it but suddenly that’s unavailable now

Can we change the thumbnail of the video? Really can u tell me please?

Thank you

The Buyer request section is updated and this update isn’t in much favour of the sellers.

We used to be able to change it ourselves. The last time I uploaded a video, I had trouble changing it. I did submit a ticket to Customer Support and showed them a screen shot of where I wanted the thumbnail to be and provided the time stamp of the spot where it was. They changed it for me within a few days.

Why is it so? This is really bad. I want to change it by myself like I used to do :frowning:

I recently had uploaded a video but i don’t know how to set the right thumbnail for it… well i will ask customer support that whether they will do it for me.

I have no idea. That’s another question for Customer Support.

You are right!

Admin! We want to request CS to change these amendments which are not good for sellers. How can we do so? A lot of people are not happy with them

I’ve noticed a glitch in the thumbnail. Refreshing the page , closing your browser , changing browsers are all things you should try. Lastly updating adobe flash player or whatever may help as well as updating your browser to the latest version.

In my experience , it wasnt changing in the preview thing (where it lets you change the thumbnail)… but when I Refreshed my gig , it was showing up properly. I had to save it maybe? Use the green save button whenever you see it … especially on the part where you choose your thumbnail if it exists there anywhere.

Good luck!

Thank you sir,I’m able to change it now btw :slight_smile:

Really, video thumbnail could be changed? I have never seen that option, and it is not available now, so I guess it is permanent change that affected all not just you -> @mariamughal

The problem has been solved but I don’t know how to delete the thread :frowning: