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Am I the only one with customers saying they are unable to contact?

More and more frequently I have buyers tell me that when we are in a conversation the conversation gets greyed out with a message “unable to contacted at this time”

I’ve now reported this to customer service 5 times over the past 3 months… they always say the same thing

“there’s nothing wrong here, let me reset your account, try clearing cookies, maybe the customer blocked you accidentally”

I’m just going to say that it’s something wrong with fiverr, and not my cookies or a buyers browser

(maybe something to do with my vpn?)


You are right I also face some issues like these even I lose some $ from my account suddenlly

No, you’re not, others posted about the same issue already.
But 3 months, Holy Saint Level. That means, the theory someone had that it is because of the implementation of the new block button is probably out of the window.
Now I’m wondering how many might be affected and just don’t know, blaming whatever else for declined messages and sales because (potential new) buyers just move on. I hope my regulars will tell me if I catch or caught the bug. I’ll clear my cache then…


Sometimes it happens due to the buyers spamming messages ( when a buyer send the same message to many sellers during a short period... ) If this is not your case, I suggest you to contact fiverrs support and to report them the issue …

oh thank you! i’d love to read\participate in that thread. I’m just glad to know I’m not alone… because I was entertaining paranoid delusions, haha :sweat_smile:


There you go, but seeing there are several people affected by this, it’s good you made your thread in Report a Bug.

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yes, because of this I’m starting to feel desperate about getting my off fiverr freelance game in order.

Thank you!

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Alas, just a couple of months ago you were one of Fiverr’s most charming advocates.

I knew that the cold hard reality of Fiverr would break you eventually. However, not even I could have predicted that it would happen so quickly…

of course I was never a Fiverr devotee, and regardless of how things are going with me here I’m never going to complain how unfair life is because fiverr is a big dumb corporation. all the griping is why I don’t hang in the forum too much anymore.

I’m still super grateful to fiverr for getting me started as a freelancer… of course wouldn’t it be nice if this site actually worked as intended.

I’ve still been searching in vain for a crypto freelance site that has some dau… but all of the sites I looked at seem inactive

Then set up your own :wink: There is a new Fiverr clone out there with some current Fiverr TRS sellers making services available. It’s far from ideal but does seem to be ever so steadily gaining traction.



Confirmed. I just got a real response from CS:

So we can put away all question of the matter, and know that the issue is being handled.

I didn’t get level 2 this month, instead I got demoted (my second cancellation). I was really looking forward to the “Priority Customer Support” for level 2, and was thinking my demotion made it harder to get heard by support. Perhaps this forum post helped.

I’m just grateful I the customer service request got seen and understood.


Say again? Level 2 sellers get priority customer support? I can assure you, we don’t :slight_smile:

I’m not really convinced by this. I did recently go to message a seller and while I was typing, I noticed that they were unavailable. In this case, I stopped and didn’t send my message. I assumed that they were in vacation mode and would hate me for ruining their response rate,

If buyers are seeing a similar message popup, I would assume that they would stop typing and find a seller who is available. CS is correct in that (as far as I am aware) messages still go through, even if sellers are unavailable. However, this doesn’t address the initial concern of buyers being detered from sending messages in the first place.

Note: I do not know of this is how this bug works. When I saw the message I am refering to, it was before I knew about this bug and I simply assumed that the seller had just gone on OOO.

okok, I was just basing that off of

yeah, I’ve had a few customers power through the experience with me, being cut in and out of “being able to contact” me. In fact, some even said they lost messages that they were typing to me when this happened.

a couple stopped messaging me, and I can only wonder if they just gave up.

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“Should be” or “will be”? :thinking: :wink: Good they know and acknowledge the bug and we know that it’s only horrible but not impairing functionality now.
But we still might miss out on messages in the sense that a buyer might read that and walks away, or?

Well, hope they’ll solve it soon.


But how will anyone know?

Maybe we should all start some kind of massive inbox chat to see who has the bug and who doesn’t. Or at least we could if that wouldn’t (possibly) get us reprimanded for sending spam…

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I’d been thinking about that but then dismissed it, spam wouldn’t be the issue if we inboxed each other but it might count as response rate manipulation or something, you never know. :wink:

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I’ll know, because magically, someday soon :crossed_fingers:, I will be able to conduct regular conversations with my customers without them complaining. It’s become a regular occurrence, lately.

then again, that sounds fun!

tbh, business has been slower for me lately, and I don’t mind. I was going breakneck speed for a few months, good to collect myself, build a portfolio and expand my business a bit.

David, thanks for the heads up about the bug. We’re working on a fix now. Extremely sorry about the inconvenience.

I also just sent you a private message.


Well, glad that they admit that there is a BUG and that they seem to be looking into it! Thank you soooooo much for this response! I really appreciate it!! I loved all the support on this forum! Very happy to have joined it and gotten such pats on the back! Thank you all! and good luck with everything!


As an update, I’ve now experienced this bug first hand.

When I was responding to a potential buyer the text box got greyed out in the midst of my message, and it said “this user is temporarily unable to be contacted” and that message can only be seen by me, it said. Anything I had already typed or files uploaded were greyed out and un submittable\editable.

The way to get around this is by refreshing your screen. then the text box is clear and usable again. (I was given this tip by the most recent customer who experienced this with me.)

Thanks for all the help!