Am I the only one? 😱


I’m using a dual SIM Mi handset and when I switched to another SIM card due to low data warning, I got this message and can’t access :astonished:


The notification says all , your ip (of the sim you trying now) is banned by Fiverr. You need to open a ticket on support,
Just curious what SIM you using?


I’m using Airtel SIM, or should I say Robi? How unfortunate. I’m using the same SIM cards on my phone from the start, never had this type of problems.


I also use ROBI, sounds like your Airtel/Robi SIM’s IP was blocked recently. If you can’t access support portal send a msg to


have you tried to refresh website again and again to get more impression ? that can be reason why you get blocked


Hell No! :scream::cold_sweat::triumph::cry:


OT: Wow! Congratulations on getting the mod badge! :flushed:

OT @n4y33m

welcome :wink: I got it 20 days ago.


Opps, I haven’t noticed.
Recently I’m livin’ under a cave! Wait for a survival programme :joy:


Turn off data and turn on again