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Am I Unique From Others?

Hello Guys :sunglasses:,
I have just created my new gig here on Fiverr.But it has got a far better competition on Fiverr.The gig i made is on designing a youtube banner.
Leave your feedbacks now!:smiley:

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Your gig is awesome but not unique.

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then how can I make it stand out?

I don’t know,I am also a newbie .

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No…I Do not see any flaw in your gigs, they are well presented…you said you JUST made your gig(s)…
sometimes it takes sometime for your gig to appear in search results…
also to make it STAND_OUT try including your previous works in your gigs…

but I didn’t get any order for working yet!

there is A LOT of people offering banner designs the competition is VERY high, Id suggest finding something different to offer as well. you would also need a gig video on ALL of your videos as it does attract more buyers, have a video of your work with a voice over it and have maybe have a longer description telling people what you provide and market yourself on social media.

last but not least, patience, it took me like 5 months to get a first sale after joining, just stick at and work hard its not going to take off in a week, it takes time! :slight_smile: Good luck with selling!

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