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Am I unknowingly damaging my own gig's performance?

So after getting my first 3 reviews, my gig did rise a lot in the search, but just after that, my gig’s ranking, impressions, clicks, and everything started going down again.
I keep checking my gigs’ status by opening an incognito window and searching for my keywords to get accurate results.
One day I read somewhere here on the forum that conversion rate is also extremely important for your gig’s ranking. When I read that discussion, I instantly understood what is happening. I recalled that when I got my first order, I saw the conversion metric for the first time on the app. My next two orders were on the same day. And I remember that the conversion rate increased a lot that day.
Now I understood that it might actually be the CONVERSION RATE that is very important which I was always ignoring.

Now how am I damaging my own gig? By searching for my gigs several times a day, and obviously not ordering it. Further, when the gig had started ranking, I had started looking at it a lot more, just out of excitement. Maybe beause of getting so many unwanted impressions and clicks, that didn’t convert to sales, the Fiverr algorithm thought that this is a pretty bad gig that people don’t want to buy, or is something clickbaity.

I’ve always checked out my gigs from an incognito window because I am still new and wanted to keep track of how my gigs are doing. What I didn’t realize is that I am damaging my own ranking by getting the conversion rate down. Before the reviews, my gig was somewhere at the 6h page. When I got my 3 reviews, I jumped straight to the first page. And as of today, my gig stats look just the same as my initial days, it ranks on the 6th page again. Due to not getting any orders for a long time, I can’t see the conversion rate anywhere, so I guess it must be 0.

Now I have stopped doing it, and am sending offers more frequently. I hope to get higher in the ranking.

What are your thoughts on it? Thank you for reading.


You are not damaging or even affecting your own gig’s performance by searching it in your private window. The private tab of your browser only affects cookies, on site tracking, personalized ads, etc. You are not invisible at all on the internet when using that private feature, it just disables certain functionalities websites use to personalize their content.
To Fiverr you still have the same IP, Browser, Browser Version, OS and more that they can read by your web requests. And most certainly they filter out the visits where the gig owner IP matches the visitor IP, if they don’t I guess they wont because it has a very little effect.

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Hi why do pplz making fuss of gig ranking. I saw most of them just worried about their gig ranking and nobody care about their skills and experience. And if u want to know how s ur gig r doing most simple way is just have look on the impression ur gigs r getting .if u r getting impression but no clicks then u have work on ur gig thumbnail. And if getting clicks and no order then u have to work on ur gigs .and 4 more importantly fiverr has periodically rotations policy. Ur gig always disappear from the search in every 15 days.

I am aware of what you said about the incognito windows.
Also I don’t think fiverr detects you to skip counting your impressions and clicks. Now, this is not a problem worth talking about if you have thousands or impressions and hundreds of click everyday. But I have noticed. I once made a gig which got just 2 impressions (on its own). Some days later, I started searching for it, found it 3 times. Next day, I saw the total impressions is 5. It has been weeks and to this day, its sitting and 5 only, haha.
Again, counting or not, its only worth discussion for those who have very very low impressions.

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Hello, I understand your point. I also want to stop chasing the ranking. I want to focus more on the quality. But having your gig on 6th and 10th-ish pages doesn’t let you do that. I am constantly engaged in what little things are effecting my rank, so atleast buyers know that I exist. I am also constantly checking BRs and sending relevant offers. Thank you.