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Am I wrong here?

My customer ordered a website for $50 he wanted me to setup website using the website builder his hosting offered.
That website builder didn’t have all the features he needed for his business, so he has asked me to work with wordpress now.
The wordpress theme that suits his business costs $77 which is a onetime payment.
If he refuses to buy it, I will have to cancel the offer as there is no other option, this will reflect on my profile under “Order Completion %”. Do you think it’s my fault if he changes the deal in the middle of order?

It’s not your fault at all. The buyer is including something in the same order that you did not agree on initially. I would bring this up to Customer Service with relevant screenshots, so they can cancel the order without affecting your stats.


An order is based on the original instructions/terms. If there is a change mid-order, then it requires either a modification or a completely new order being made.

CS should be able to assist you in this matter and hopefully mitigate the negative impact of a cancellation, if it comes to that conclusion.

Ok I have questions.

Did you know about those features that don’t work on website builder from his hosting provider? Or did he add those features that can not be built in after he submitted requirements?

Did you do any work on his original website before he decided to move to Wordpress?

Yes i have a video of me working on his website before moving to wordpress.
Regarding the first question, that website builder was not having any option to add rhose features, so there is absolutely no way for me to add those features.

That was not my question. Was that in his initial requirements and you just didn’t check what that website builder can do before you agreed to take an order? Or did he add those not implementable features after you started working on his order?

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He stated those requirements before placing the order but i could access the website builder only after he gave me his username and password which was after giving the order