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Am Looking To Help 1000 fiverr members Earn A Great Living With My Career gigs!


My Dear Lovely Fiverr Members,

Am Paulforex. Forex Trading is My Career. I trade Online Forex for a Great Living. My reason for registering on is to show 1000 “Honest Hearted” fiverr members How to Make a Great Living Trading Online Forex Professionally this 2013 EVEN forever or EVEN if You have lost out of the market before.

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Forex Trading is the 21st Century Business. Forex is My Life! Forex is my Love!!

See You At The Peak,

To Your Outstanding Succeess,




Hey Paulforex i will order one of your gigs by monday so i can get this fiverr profiting FREE ebook. This is a good opportunity and i know it worth more than the $5 for your gigs.

Thanks for your kindness.


I must ask, do you have the rights to resell this ebook, let alone give it away for free?


Dear Fiverr Friends,

I have an Amazing Story and testimony to share about my journey with fiverr!

Please Read ALL , it will help You to know how to turn your gigs into daily cash!!

5months ago, a friend lured me to open fiverr account just because he heard that people are making hundreds of Dollars daily on fiverr without doing ANYTHING!

So i opened my fiverr account but he NEVER taught me the way forward since he DOESN’T even know anything about fiverr. Later, i abandoned my fiverr account since i Earn consistent profits from my Forex Trading business. I just wanted to add Extra income!

Then on January 12th 2013, i met a guy who sold a comprehensive 33 page Ebook on fiverr entitled: How To Cash In Using Fiverr and Gig Yourself to Daily Profits!

After reading through, the following day i applied all i learnt from this ebook.

Guess what happened the following day of creating my second gig? I receive an email from fiverr with subject: Fiverr: Congrats! You just got an order from xxxxxxxxxx.

Immediately, i attached and forward the gig to the buyer and he gave me positive Review. That was how i started making sells till date.

Then the following day i was encouraged to create additional gigs and guess what? I got 12 orders from 3 buyers. That same day, i became a Level one Seller, my rating jumped from 0% to 100%, many of my gigs became listed as Express, i got a privilege of requesting for my Fiverr Master Card which is on the way and lot of privileges where opened to me till this day.

My target is to Hit my first $5000 on fiverr by May 31st 2013.

You too can do the same EVEN more than i do. If my fiverr mentor can Earn $1200 to $2600 monthly on fiverr, you too can. You can make a Great Living Selling on Fiverr alone EVEN if you are a Fiverr Newbies.

All you need is the right Idea and Guide that this ebook contains because it worked for me within 4 days of applying what i read and so it will work for you.

Here are some of the Ebook Table of Contents:

Why Use Fiverr? … 5

Setup Your Fiverr Account … 7

Chapter 2 - Selling On Fiverr …10

What can you sell on Fiverr? … 11

Services … 11

Products … 12

How to Choose a Profitable Fiverr Niche?.. 13

Fiverr Ideas to Get You Started … 15

Chapter 4 - Fiverr Traffic… 21

Chapter 5 - Fiverr Rockstar … 24

Get all your Gigs Featured … 26

Chapter 6 - Double Your Profits … 28

Provide Rush Order … 30

But Guess what? Am giving this ebook to you for FREE. But here is the DEAL.

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See You At The Peak,

To Your Outstanding Success,



Interesting gig…


Reply to @twistedweb123: Yes You do! You can also use it as a bonus to buyers.


Reply to @lparziale: Thanks! That is why i choose my career as my Niche.


Reply to @moneyspeaks: Hi susan. Thanks for your order. How are you enjoying my forex riches package? Anticipating for more orders!

Have a blessed weekend.


Paulforex thanks for your kind words. Am doing great and your comprehensive forex trading package are great even to a newbies like me.

keep it up. I look forward introducing my friends to you soonest as they are interested in trading forex.

Thanks once more!


Reply to @paulforex:

Hi, sorry if my question was not clear, I mean do YOU have the rights to be reselling this ebook? You mention you purchased it from a vendor online - not created it, so I would like to see a copy of the Master Resell Rights provided by that vendor, allowing you to resell this ebook and give it away for free.

Otherwise, selling or giving it away for free, you are breaking third party copyright - something that is against Fiverr’s terms of service