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Am new here and i have spent some weeks without an order..pls what might be wrong?

Good day all fiverrians, i open my account about a month ago and till now i had not have a single sale, please anyone can help me check my profile and gigs out, to suggest if am doing it wrongly. am into graphic and ebook cover designs…thank you in anticipation

Hi :slight_smile:

I had a look at your gigs. Since you are asking, I would say that a reason may be that there are too many similar gigs on Fiverr. I read on your profile that you like to help people succeed. So, why don’t you create a original gig having to do with helping people succeed? But original. A idea no one has ever though about here :slight_smile:

all the best !


You need more gigs. And try to make them unique like happy mentioned. Also promoting them by driving traffic to them won’t hurt. Perhaps even create a blog for your gigs where you discuss them and show examples of your work. Then do SEO for it to drive lots of traffic to it, and from there to your gigs.

thank you all. i will take to that and make corrections. more comments pls i really need a way forward.

@happy, am good at designing, that is the way i can help people on this platform, please try to clarify where i need to be original, is it in my description or the images i used? please let me now. because i had put in my effort in coming out with my description and tags. thank you in anticipation

You can drive traffic to your gigs, use social networks to promote your services.

Hi, sorry for the delay. I missed your question :slight_smile: I just meant that there are too many sellers doing design on fiverr. Just have a look at your category you will see how many there are. Hundreds?

If I were you, I would try making a new gig selling something rare that almost no one or even better… no one else sells on fiverr. Then this gig would probably be higher in the general search and people who will view it will maybe have a look at your other gigs too. So if you are (and remain) good at your design work, then you will maybe get more sales

anyway, work is hard, here and everywhere in this world :slight_smile:

all the best, wish you many sales!

I think promotion is the key, doing social bookmarking, submitting to website directories, article marketing and promoting on your own blog can be helpful.

Reply to @adsensewizard: Would you recommend your gigs for use to increase sales on Fiverr gigs directly? I feel like trying them out, but I was going to ask your opinion on that first before I do.

Reply to @adsensewizard: Nice ideas, thanks. Helpful for me too.

You are already getting orders now! You can use highlighting the text to catch the attention. Keep editing and improving the gig description. Try to answer this question - If you had to buy this gig, what will think about this gig description, you’ll get more ideas.