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Am new member at fiverr


I need help to get customer to buy my gigs but i need someone help


what kind of help you are seeking? I will try my best to help you out. thanks


Your link doesn’t work and just goes to the Fiverr home page so you need to fix this and check that it is working.


The description on your profile reads as follows: “I am a grate logo design i make logo for many people and company an I make high quality logo for you I cant 2 hour make one or 1 day. pleas make sure buy from me”

There are many errors and issues with this description. People will likely read this and will not be impressed by the quality of the wording, which will mean they are less likely to order from you. I suggest you get your profile and gig descriptions professionally proofread by a native English speaker.


Additionally, this image on one of your gigs:


Is clearly stolen from Envato. It still has the watermark on it… This also makes me think your other gig images are stolen.

Anyone seeing this is going to know you did not create the work, and will not order form you. Only show work in your gigs that you have created yourself.


okay am going to take it down you can help me get buyers


so you are an professionally English speake you can do this for me


Sure, if you are willing to pay my fees for professional work - my prices start at $100 on the Fiverr marketplace. Other sellers will be (much) less expensive though.


No, I can’t - you will need to do that yourself, based on your own merits. Here are some helpful tips:


I think you’ve made a friend for life there, Paul!


Might I suggest a new profile pic for franky19 then?