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Am New on Fiverr.I need many order

I need more tip .so that I will have many order

Tip no. 1 - read all the tips on the forum :wink:
Tip no 2 - visit the academy:


I went and checked your gigs.
All of them.

I’m sorry, but…ARE YOU EVEN TRYING???


Trying to do what ??

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Think you might need to work on your descriptions, pricing structure etc. - oh, and you might want to sort your time zone out as well. :wink:


yes that is what I am asking as well. “trying to do what” because one thing you are not going to do is get any buyers. you need proper descriptions on your gigs not a few lines that do not even tell buyers what you are providing or why they should buy from you. Writing “life is easy” on a wordpress gig is going to make things anything but easy for you. Write proper descriptions.


How will I set my time zone

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If you’re using any form of VPN etc. please switch it off - your location says USA, but your time zone is different.


Give me some examples of description so that I will correct my self


No I’m not using VPN

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It’s nice that offlinehelpers is telling you how to fix it, but the time zone is the last thing you should worry about.
Using clip art ( with the watermark etc still left on the image) and using Google translation screenshots for your translation sample image, and calling yourself a "master translation,"
those errors are the things you need to worry about.
BTW I see Japanese in the sample image, but it if you want a native Japanese translator’s opinion, the translation on the screenshot is VERY unnatural.


look at what other people are doing. There are enough gigs on fiverr so you can see what works for other people; just do not copy them. Also as @offlinehelpers said. your time zone is not in the US. Are you in Morocco?


You forgot to add “please.”


Please… Help me to check my page again… Have correct some mistake over there

I like to help people when I can but looking at your gigs, I honestly have no idea where to start.
How can you think this:

I build the world and network the nation… My work is my perfect skills, We are ready to provide good work for our customer. Life is so easy

is sufficient to have someone order a $300 website design from you??? What are you even talking about there?
Aside from that,everything that others have said re graphics and translation is right.


TIPS :anchor:

Use Fiverr to your advantage.

:one: If you’re not a native English speaker, hire a brilliant Fiverr copywriter to write your gigs descriptions, titles, tags etc…

:two: Represent your brand in a professional way, hire a talented Fiverr graphic designer to design your avatar, and gig images.

:three: You need to put in the effort, read, read, read Tips for sellers. Then utilize the wealth of information.

:four: Improve my gigs is the place to get honest critiques for your gigs.


Wow, just wow! Your account says you are in the United States, but it is very evident that you are not a native English speaker.

Your description should be about you and why buyers should buy from you. Your description uses the pronoun “we” are there more than one of you?

Your translation gig has a picture of Google Translate? Are you aware that Google Translate does not translate accurately? You should be a native speaker of the language you are offering to translate. Buyers are savvy and will know NOT to buy this gig from you.

Are you a hockey player? Are you offering gigs that have something to do with hockey? Your picture indicates that. Use your own picture not one copied off the net.

There is so much more to comment on, but you have enough to get you started.


The best tip I can give you is to turn off the power to your building and just sit in silence for a while thinking about what you have done here. Then maybe go and look at a local job board or read a book about how to be a successful Fiverr seller.


Are you trying to succeed, or fail in the most spectacularly clueless way possible…

I don’t think you are in the United States. I don’t think you graduated from Philadelphia University. I don’t think you really are able to translate all those languages. I don’t know what country you are really in but lying not only on your gigs and profile but also to us on the forum does not bode well for you.

Your profile image is of a hockey player named Maurice Richard.

You are going about this in entirely the wrong way. I do think you need to turn off the computer and rethink this entire idea that fiverr is right for you. This is so far off the mark that it’s clearly not the right site for you.


You may wish to create your own thread in Improve My Gig. Hijacking someone else’s thread for your own purpose isn’t nice.