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Am New on Fiverr.I need many order

You’re going to help people write blog articles, and this is your gig description:

We will give you the best option of yours. and we are going to serve you better and foremost. Article is the best words your blog

Writing is not your forte. Find something you are really good at.

It looks like you used google translate to write that gig description.
It is not literate.

I think you are actually in Turkey.

  1. Organize your Gigs well!( good description, good portfolio, etc)
  2. Invest on Gig video promotion.
  3. Start giving offers the the Buyer request everyday.
  4. Be patient and wait until ur first order.

ok thanks for your advise.

having so many orders depend on your gig.
if your gig have enough info for what buyer wants than you will get so many orders.
one more thing is sending buyer request is also a way of having so many orders but send it as the requirements of buyer.

Thank you for the good advice…

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You could start over and call yourself donaldtrumpp.


:rofl: Or Hillary Clinton.

If it doesn’t start well it isn’t going to end well … Simple! :open_mouth:

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you welcome mate! all the best!!!

Your translating gig’s photo is a google translate screenshot. Are you dense or just actively trying to make the worst profile possible? I’ve seen a fair share of abysmal profiles and gigs here on the forum, but yours takes the cake. And eats it too.

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Jesus christ. a 300$ gig with the following description “I build the world and network the nation… My work is my perfect skills, We are ready to provide good work for our customer. Life is so easy”

That’s it, enough internet for me today -_-

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$300 for making your life easy isn’t a bad deal nor too expensive.
Think about it.


donaldkingg when you have translating gigs you are supposed to know both languages very well and not use google translate. We all know about google translate and can use that ourselves, but it’s not accurate.