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Am new to fiverr

Hi friends,

Am usfancy, a new member to fiverr.

Please how can I sell and buy using fiverr account?


use buyer request carefully. everyday you can send 10 buyer request.

and share your GIG on social media. best of luck :slight_smile:

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How can I improve my GIG

Before doing anything, ask the following questions yourself.
=> Why you’re creating this Fiverr profile?
=> Why do you need to work as a Freelancer?
=> Define your short and long term goals.
=> Goals for you, your wishes, and your life style your aim in life.
=> Your family
=> Your future
=> Have you read the Terms Of Service and Privacy policy page 3 times?
=> What are the skills you’ve?
o Technical
o Nontechnical
o Accounts
o Creative graphic design etc.
=> Do you’ve the required resource (Internet, Computer & Motivation)?
=> What services you want sell on Fiverr? Write services on a papers.
=> Can you communicate with someone in English?
=> How much you want to earn?
=> Make a promise with yourself to be honest with your clients and services as well as market place like Fiverr.

If you’ve answered all of these questions, Now lets create first Fiverr appealing and successful profile.

How to Create a Successful Fiverr Profile to generate passive income
Before we create Fiverr Profile lets analyze the Fiverr Profile’s key elements. I’ve listed some the keys elements below.
Key points for your Fiverr profile stand out

  1. Email Account
    => Sign in with your regular email address don’t sign up with Facebook or any social media.

  2. Username
    => Remember once username is picked, you won’t be able to change it again.
    => Pick a username with your original name or brand name or services you provide avoid numbers, underscores etc.
    => Here is a link to generate brand name with domain name availability.
    => Pick the best which defines you and your services.

  3. Tagline
    => Tagline is slogan of a person or company more specifically marketing weapon to develop trust and engage customers. Write a best suited slogan (BE CREATIVE OR FUNNY HERE).

  4. Profile picture
    => Your profile picture is your identity and how you introduce yourself to community.
    => Remember: Customers are more interested in building relationships with you than buying your services.
    => Customers tend to trust people with their original smiling head shot picture instead of what they sell.
    => A smiling face picture helps you to develop trust with your clients and community.
    => Profile picture Specifications.
    => maximum size: 1Mb and format: jpeg, png, gif
    => Resource to check profile pictures score.

  5. Description
    => Introduce yourself to community
    => Who you are?
    => Your professional statements.
    => Skills and experience you have
    => Tools and Technologies you’re aware of?
    => Why you’re on Fiverr and how you can help this community?

  6. Languages
    => Add all languages you can speak, understand and write
    => English, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish etc.

  7. Linked accounts
    Linked accounts proves you’re not a robot you’re an original person, It helps to develop trust.
    => Facebook
    => Google
    => Dribbble
    => Stack Overflow
    => Linkedin
    If you don’t have these accounts, it takes no time just go there and create, finally click on the links to link these accounts.

  8. Skills
    Fiverr allows you to add 10 skills, don’t waste the provided 10 skills features use all. Be careful while adding skills to your profile, only add relevant skills to your services try to go in depth.

  9. Education
    Education helps your community to understand your level and experience. Add your complete education, start from Matriculation.

  10. Certifications
    => If you’ve done some certification relevant to your skills and services this is your golden point.
    => Certifications proves you’re skilled and trusty worthy person to give you relevant job.

If you want order on your gig, then you need to create an eye catching gig title and add fiverr friendly tags, also give best packages to your buyers, and the most important thing you must share your gig on social media dailly. Best of luck :slight_smile:

What I can see on your profile, you’ve some missing fields there.
Please provide your complete information first then you can create gig.
If you need any help creating gig.
Do read blogs and discuss here in forum.


How can I fix the missing field

@usfancy just go to your profile page and click on pencil icon to edit your profile.