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Am Not Getting Order

Helo My Fiverr Fellow i Am very sad becuase am not getting order i dont know why my people are not ordering me i have make my gig beautiful what should i do


Hey! I’m still waiting on my first order for my Logo Design gig too!

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I honestly don’t know what to say other than, hang in there! :frowning:

I was lucky to get 3 orders in a row on my 3rd day, for some reason there was a spike in people viewing my profile… since I completed these orders, nothing… it’s been more than a week now, and no new orders… meanwhile, one or two people have 500 orders in their queue, which is crazy - how do they even manage to complete all these orders? It’s been at 500 all week so they must not be completing on time… Ah well, serves buyers right, to order from people that have more requests, instead of go for people who just happen to be new but no less experienced… luckily, one of the three buyers came back and added a 5* review, but still, that has not helped, not one bit… and the other 2 simply disappeared on me, no more messages once the item was marked as complete automatically.

Honestly, I really am convinced that there is no logic to it. My prices were higher when I got the 3 orders. I had to lower my price in the past few days to see if I’d get an order or two in, but so far , nothing. Been aggressively marketing on instagram, facebook, etc.

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Its been a week and im still waiting for my 1st gig,sometimes you get lucky and you get a gig fast but sometimes it takes long.

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They are lucky the people they receive orders daily and although my prices are also low but no one is ordering me i dont know why…??

Think always good if think good thing go right

I also not getting order. I have make my gigs look impressive,have number of views , click but still getting no order

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God Bless Us am Also not getting orders

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Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

Hi there @williamjohnsaim. How are you doing today? I just took some time to check your Gigs. Your gigs look amazing. Nice images and you seem to have happy clients and 5-star reviews, well done!!

Also, your Titles are well written, BUTTTTTT… your Profile Description has pulled me-off from a buyers point of few. It looks very unprofessional and many Grammarly mistakes which makes you sound cheap. I’m not a certified English writer nor have I the talent :rofl:, but if I can see these mistakes in your grammar than your buyers most likely will see this too.

What I suggest is to hire a proofreader to do the job for you. After all, sometimes it takes money to make money and spending a few bucks to optimize your Gigs is your money well spend. I have some good friends who can do the job for you.

Good luck on your Gigs and have a wonderful day! :sun_with_face:

Warmly, Humberto