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Am Not Getting Orders Again

Please guys help me.


Reply to @productivesam: Thanks

can’t say for sure what happened but is your gig still showing up on search? i don’t seem to understand what you mean that the order sized, did you mean cease? the gig you suspended ;was it the gig that had the good review? you need to explain a little more clearly for me to be of some help to you.

i just checked your profile and your gigs are simply non existent, you claim to provide good content or articles if i got that correct, but really your post was rather full of errors etc… am not trying to ‘run’ you down or anything but i feel fiverr might have suspected that you are really not what you claim to be… the way i see it, this your account is as good as dead in the water mate!

I tend to agree with the last commentor, your gig has numerous grammatical errors and while some people may overlook that in other gigs, it is absolutely critical when you are selling a “writing gig.” If your gig description isn’t 100% perfect, how can anyone entrust you to write something for them? I am not throwing jabs at you my friend, but I suggest you spend some time and re-write your description and make it look like the product of a professional writer, especially if that is what you claim to be.

Are you having enough views and clicks on the gigs?

Reply to @productivesam: No view and no clicks.Am just tired of everything.


Sheriff’s Note: This type of language and behavior is not allowed on the Forum.

Reply to @inspiredtony: you are into article so I can understand you.Am on level 1 and you are not.Please work hard to get to my level.I have started getting orders again.bye



Reply to @kevinpeters: Have you tried the buyer requests section under sales? That’s how I got started.

This I do not understand. People are helping you and you are being mean to them. If your not willing to take criticism that could very well help you get sales then you should not have asked for help. I am reporting you. I do not think fiverr is the place for you.

You said: Reply to @inspiredtony: ok.You are the biggest fool I have have seem.Just leave without making a comment.I hate you and you deserve to die.Mad man.

Reply to @kevinpeters: Your post asks for help from others and then you verbally abuse those who offer you assistance. Your comments on this post are utterly juvenile and I wonder if you are a troll...

However, assuming that you are who you say you are: 'Hate' is a strong word which should be reserved for something as monumental as when someone purposefully murders your loved ones---even then, people are disposed to forgive the sick individual(s).

I would suggest that you reflect on your attitude. It is, clearly, your # 1 obstacle to success here on Fiverr.

@kevinpeters, you said i was the biggest fool and that i deserved to die!! has your poor sales now driven you to this state of insanity? for the records-i’m not even into articles like you mentioned in your post. In any case i only tried helping you out only that i now realize that i was helping a fellow on expired medications… i wish you all the best greatest level 1 seller of all times!!!

inspiredtony said: now realize that i was helping a fellow on expired medications..