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Amateur teens on fiverr

I’m 14 and quite new to video editing but I want to make a bit of money to save up for a new game and other stuff. I’m very amateur but I learn very fast and can look up anything I cant do. I use photoshop and premiere pro and other Adobe Softwares. I edit for a friend and can photoshop for thumbnails. I just want £3-5 a video and want to get better at editing but I recognise i am a full time student so 2-3 hours of footage take 2-5 days to edit. Is this a good idea?

Welcome to the Fiverr forums. I always like to see young entrepreneurs asking questions here!

The main question you need to ask is if you have some skill you can offer of value to others. There are literal thousands of other sellers offering Photoshop services, so do you have something different or unique you can offer?

On your question: price yourself appropriately. If you’re new to editing, it’s okay to price low to start. Please see the (PPD) section here: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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