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Amazing🎉 888 Love❤ on my gig,

Hi There,
Today I have achieved 888 Favorite :heart: on my Gig. And What’s about your gig? I believe many favorite will help to get more order. It’s my real experience.

What’s the opinion about Favorite?? Please leave your comment. and you can see my attached screenshot:


Well, it won’t give you more orders. It just shows how many people saved your gig. I have more than 10000 favorites on my gig, that means nothing.


Thanks for your opinion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
When your gig will reach to many user then automatically you will receive much order. I am not saying that those people who loved my gig they will place order. I mean when you earn many favorite then your gig will be rank and will get more order.
Hope you understand

That’s what I meant.

You’re not getting better ranking from this. So don’t think about such illusions. Or do that :slight_smile:


May be you are right, No problem, I can believe your opinion.
But I have noticed- when I was getting much order, then same time my gig favorite were increasing too. It’s may be complementary too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: