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Amazing Artwork from Fiverr Transformed my Book!

Finding Fiverr was fantastic for me. I am a new author, writing a book about How to Become a Confident Performer and the idea of sourcing an illustrator was daunting. I already had a friend design the cover but hunting through the Fiverr gigs was easy and I found Ronnie Tucker who provided a few initial illustrations which were truly excellent. I then realised that I wanted Ronnie to illustrate the entire book. Over the course of the year, Ronnie worked diligently on all my gig requests and produced over 30 illustrations for the book and other promotional materials. I couldn’t believe it because I had no idea HOW to engage the services of a good illustrator and I landed on my feet. As I am self-publishing, costs were a real consideration too, so the reasonably priced gigs and extras provided a natural solution. Over the months, the project gained momentum and I was able to save up to have my book printed and publish it myself. It is a longer process and the work is considerable but with excellent artwork and promotional materials, the job is made easier. With Fiverr, new careers and new directions go from being a dream to a reality. Who else has a success story out there?

Fiverr really is a handy place for stuff like that. Especially with self published authors. In most cases the book will never make you thousands of dollars. So dumping that kind of money on art work and editing just doesn’t make sense. With out a big name publishing company doing all the marketing the book just isn’t able to be seen like say harry potter would have. (Which is also why most self pubbed authors write a lot of books.)

So in the case of fiverr, it lets these authors make a nice looking book with artwork or just a clean format and well edited text without spending an arm and a leg. So in the end their project can still pay for itself. Hell it even has help for marketing. It really is a good set up, as long as you find the right people to do the work you need.

In the case of Clivomusic, i hope your book does well. As a self published author myself its always nice to hear when another finds success.

Thank you for the kind comments. :slight_smile: Ronnie has been fully credited for the book and all artwork. :slight_smile: he’s a great guy.

This was a great post to read! Thanks for taking the time to come share your positive experience. So often the forums are full of complaints and tales of woe…that’s okay, because that’s part of what the forum is all about. But it’s also great to find an upbeat story to brighten the day!

Best of luck with your publishing career!