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Amazing fiverr! Just made 4 sales in 4 days

I know, I know it’s not much but I am impressed at how efficient fiverr is. It’s good to know that your skills and talents can be appreciated by people who are thousands of miles away. I am looking to make even more sales in the coming months. I really love working with people here.

Hi ricky66, I failed to see “4 sales” in your Gigs. I can see only 1. This may have happened because the other 3 buyers didn’t do the review in given time. You may request them to do it, coz if not, you will get paid but won’t get reviews and hence your Gig won’t display number of orders that you actually did.

Ricky, I can see the 4 sales you’ve made. Making a sale-a-day when you’ve just started on Fiverr, is very impressive. Well done! :slight_smile:

One suggestion: Your VA gig is very vague. You have a lot more characters you can add to that gig. You should use them to LIST the kinds of work you’re willing to do/capable of doing.

Good Luck.

Its such a great place isnt it! I cant wait to get my first customer !

congrats ricky!

how long were you on Fiverr before you got your first sale? I’ve been on for 2 weeks, adding quite some gigs, editing them, optimizing them… I just can’t get my first sellers =-(

Oh god , How did you do it?? im here 4 months and only 1 sale, really its very impressive how skilled you are!

Work on it like on a real business - and you’ll see it pick up fast.

The first orders is what costs the most, the others come naturally as you show you’re a dedicated seller.

Congratulations on your great start.

And don’t give up!

Reply to @regency85: Thank you for the tip. I haven’t made any sale on that gig yet… I have a clue now

Reply to @benvanlooy: I actually created my account and never logged in for nine days but on the day I decide to log in and see what happens, thats the day I made my first sale.

Congratulation my friend… :)>-

Congratulations on your success on getting these sales in 4 days. I once got 5 sales in 1 day.