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Amazing Idea if can be implemented

This will be great if our buyers will convert into our followers like social media sites.
So they will be notified if we (Sellers) Add a new gig. So they will notified and can buy or like or favorite the new gig if they need something like this in the future or they can share that with other people.
This will increase sales and they also can know that what their favorite seller offer new on fiverr.

Dear fellow sellers please reply if you like this idea.

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I don’t want to be notified of anything if I’m a buyer. I get enough spam.


I’m not too sure about that. I agree with @misscrystal, as a buyer the only thing I want to be notified about would be related to my order. As much as I like change, I think things are fine the way they are now.

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Buyer is already not contactable if he don’t have any gigs. So only one notification and only when i added new gig.
Notification something like.

Abigfx added a new gig “Gig link” You can check if you are interested.

Just something like this.

That’s spam so if you want to be spammed it’s ok but I don’t want to be.

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Hmmm so there can be an option for the buyer like " Turn off the notifications from this seller"

Spam is not legal. It does not work that way. You don’t get spammed until you turn it off.

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Okay what you want to say that social media is working like spam? Getting notifications from our friends activities is a spam? Its is not spam we check only those notifications in which we are interested. Other are just ignored.

But not problem it is your choice that you are looking in like this. Let see what other people say.

On social media we get unlimited notifications from friends about their each activity. Buy you know seller on fiverr can add maximum 20 gigs so the buyer will get only few notifications.
And i hope buyers want to see that what His/her seller brought another interesting offer.

I just think that if buyers liked the work you have done for them they would come back and check you out without you having to remind them. In my opinion, sending them notifications about my other gigs can seem a bit pushy. By that’s just my opinion (says the rookie) :sunglasses:


Reminder about my other gigs is a different thing. Notification about NEWLY ADDED GIG is a different thing.

I don’t like the idea. People can add sellers they like at favorites, and that’s that. This whole marketing premise that shoveling products to clients throats is going to bring results is ancient and overused.

I personally don’t like any website that tells me “hey you bought this? maybe you want to buy these things too?” Thank you very much but I don’t need the inspiration to know what I want/need to buy.

And yes, I even consider that social media notifications are spam. They are disabled on my phone. If it’s not from my girlfriend, I don’t care.

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This may not be necessary, currently if a buyer bought your gig, the buyer will automatically have you on their contact list and the gig will be shown on their home page with “buy again” button.

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