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Amazing keyword research for amazon


Why need keyword research for Your product ranking in Amazon ?

Suppose there is new book you want to rank named " True Love " . if You need to sell this book You should be ranking for keywords such as " books on love ,love novels and best romance novels " Even though among these key words ranking for key word " best romance novels" is profitable and easy because it is a long tail key word . This why you need a proper keyword research when you try to product ranking in Amazon.

Why me ?
WHY not me ?. with the years of experience hustling with google for ranking websites I know A - Z about SEO that confidence making me to ask that question back from You.

What You will get from me ?

  • Amazing amazon keyword research targeting Your product audience.

  • List of a best long tails key words not more than 20 for Your product ranking in Amazon.

  • Recommended key words for PPC campaigns that you are planing to launch.

  • List of key words You should avoid ranking ( negative key words ).

  • List of key words that Your competitors ranking.

If You have any question or problem in mind feel free to contact me I will be happy to help

Here is the link of the gig Amazing keyword research for amazon