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Amazing message from a seller!

Today morning I received a message from new seller. He asked me to order his gig. LOL!
I was unable to find report button in his custom offer. :smiley:

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Report him Using Chat Section

I believe the report button is a little flag under their message.

No. I know where is that button. In custom offer it is not available.

Oh, I thought you said he sent you a message.

You can’t report those custom offers you get sent.

He should be told that the video can only be 60 seconds to be used on fiverr as I recall.

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There is an option available called “Create an offer”. Any seller can send his/her offer to a buyer. Fiverr allow them to send an offer. I don’t find anything wrong in it.

Unless you asked the seller for it, it is spam and not allowed.


Yeah, I agree that. Offer must send to the buyer.

But, but, he has a plane!

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You can’t report a custom offer.

I didn’t ask for his service. It’s SPAMMING! I hate it!