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Amazing night of orders! How many do orders do you get?


So last night has been one of my most exciting nights on fiverr for me. In just under 4 hours I had 6 gigs ordered on all different gigs. This may not sound like a lot to some of you but for someone whos lucky to get 1 order a day this is a lot :). So now I ask you guys. On average how many gig orders do you get per day?


I got one last night…none to day :confused:


I got 1 yesterday, on average I get 0.4 orders per day :slight_smile:


Good for you :slight_smile:

I get one or two per day, a lot fewer than before I changed my gig description. It may be disappointing to others but at least I get to really concentrate on the quality of my output :slight_smile:


That is great and it is always a happy time when you get lots of orders


i get 1-5 a day sometimes. then there are days i go without any.


got 313 in a year


One to two gigs ordered a day on average but each gig ordered typically has multiples up to eight articles. My repeat clients may order anywhere from 6 to 8 articles per gig. For new clients I average between 3 and 4 gigs per week. It is not unusual to have 3 gigs in the “Q” with each up to eight articles per gig.


621 gig ordered last night.

Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Kind of slow night but I got a few. Even got a tip in the form of a gig extra! That made my night!


My current average is 1.13/day.

im at $138 for my first 22 days… still 8 more days to a full month… I was hoping for atleast a 250 in the first month… but i dont think ill reach that. Anyways dont want to be too greedy. something is better than nothing. Have no idea how my 2nd month is going to be. Hope my sales start to shoot.


i get like 5-7 daily


Wow awesome.

I havent had any orders for quite some time, except for one I got from postin on the forums.


Im starting to get around 2 orders a day. This is a big leap from averaging maybe 1 order every 3 days


around 5 daily some times 10+


nada today :frowning:


Reply to @retweet_twitt3r:

Hopefully one day ill get there


I usually get about 1 every few days but I’m not counting the gigs I get from one of my buyers on a daily basis as we have a sort of contract going so I expect their gig to come in.


In my first week I started off strong getting about three a day. Since, I have maybe received one this week. :frowning:


I got my first seven orders during the last two weeks, and I’m so happy lol :smiley:


Reply to @momenly: congrats!