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From Past Few weeks ago i’m getting more then 50+ order per days but these days i’m only getting 10-20 orders per days…May anyone help me to get my order again 50+?

One More thing my gig still on top of searching but don’t know why i am getting less order…

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They “heyday” of SEO/Social Networking based gigs is past on Fiverr.

Additionally, you did say “These days” you’re only getting 10-20 orders a day. Remember “these days” are holidays in much of the Christian and secular Western world.

No surprise really. All may be perfectly fine. Report if there’s an issue say 20th January.





Echoing @anarchofighter words…

In addition to the “holidays” over the past few weeks, it’s also Year End for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Budgets for print, radio, web advertising and other media is spent and the season is over. If your sales don’t resume to established levels soon, consider looking at your niche/industry for solutions in a changing market, or look at how and where you present your offers. Hang in there!


Reply to @anarchofighter:

"They “heyday” of SEO/Social Networking based gigs is past on Fiverr"

This comment of yours got me scared but i still think social networking based gigs will still flourish because these platforms from youtube, to instagram, twitter, facebook never lack millions upon millions of traffic every day and as more users are engaging there, then there will be demand for services. Like mine, i provide comments to your facebook page to increase page flow, engage users and in short help in seo too. Many people would want to boost up their lifeless page and bring activity into it to get more fans. think of it like a funnel. social networking gigs can never be short and passed on fiverr. my humble opinion.