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Amazing Signature Logo

Welcome to my signature Logo design service:

Super COOL, FAST, CLEAN, Vector-Based GENUINELY ORIGINAL Amazing signature logo Design Service. I will give you a surprisingly great and catchy logo for your business web blog etc.


Clean HQ designs
2000 x 2000 pixels 300 DPI approx. transparent PNG
Fast Response Time on Revisions and Inquiries
Deliverable files will be PNG + JPG + editable Ai files

I assure you of full satisfaction.

My only objective is to provide you quick, reliable, high quality, low-cost service.
For a larger project and future collaboration I can offer you a discount

Check out the service below

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You are using fonts in your logo “designs”. Which is quite unfair to your buyers that could buy only a font instead of you typing their name in photoshop and saving the file which takes a minute to make.

Secondly: all those fonts have commercial licences. Did you purchase commercial licenses to resell them?

And this is basically lying to your clients. Because you are using fonts it’s not “genuinely original”. Anyone who get that fonts can create the same logo in 1 min.

For your kind info every designer is using font in their design and i only sell things according to client requirements. some clients do not want hand drawn logos.

Secondly the font i have used in my some of designs are premium and i have purchased them.

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The key word is a “design”. Using a stock fonts for a TEXT logo is not a design. It’s ok to use fonts in a pictorial logos but it’s not ok to use fonts for a text/signature logo.

What you are promising to your customers is “Genuinely original” signature logo and using fonts is totally unoriginal and very misleading to your clients. They expect you to create a unique signature by hand and you are faking it and selling them just a font that was created by someone else. That’s lying and misleading your clients.

short answer for all your objections that i design what was requested by client before going to sell something my skills are excellent and i can design both hand drawn and custom designs its up to the client what he wants.