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'amazing' top buyer and fiverr support

A top buyer asked to do 6 illustrations

while doing those illustrations, she asked me to deliver an illustration because she needs it urgently. she said other illustrations are not urgent and I can take time

so i delivered a .png and source file for that illustration using delivery button, because it is the proper way

she received the files and she never requested a revision for other files, she let the order auto complete, I realized it after she mentioned it. then she asked how to get the other files. but she was a so called ‘top byer’. I said I will send them through messages

after few days, she suddenly appeared in the midnight (in my country, to be precise at 3 AM almost morning of the next day) and asked for other five illustrations within 3 hours. I said I will not be able to deliver those within 3 hours.

then, in the next day. she blocked me in the chat and reported me to fiverr. so my balance was decreased and she got a refund. and my completion rate was reduce

after 9 days from that incident, I got a notification that she left a review with 1 start saying I was late and my attitude was bad.

I’m confused as hell, I’m new to fiverr selling and things like this are making fiverr a joke


How long was the agreed upon delivery date for the remaining files? Maybe it was already all too long? I guess there was a lack of communication from both ends here.


You shouldn’t have sent it through the “Deliver Order” option, you should’ve sent it through the chat and then made the final delivery with all the illustrations once it was done. Delivering incomplete orders is against TOS, you pretty much set yourself up here.


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  1. if a gig says, deliver within 1 day, is that mean if buyer gives you 10 days but you should do it within 1 day?
  2. for god’s sake, someone can say 24x7 but it is not the reality(you are out of your mind lol)
  3. giving unlimited revisions is no harm if you are doing it correct
  4. 100% manual tracing, yes, some of the sellers do auto trace, beware if you are planning to buy illustrations
  5. can communicate in any language, use google translate

specially, the children’s book illustration. that buyer sent 10 images to remove watermark and resize

I dont know if that buyer and you had a connection but I wrote my experience here. and you have a real concern about my gig. damn! hahahaha!


I never wished so bad to have access to Fiverr forum code so I can make my O M G fill entire screen.

You do know that removing watermark is illegal? And the very concept of watermark is that the image is not allowed to be used… I can’t…

if a gig says, deliver within 1 day - then you deliver in 1 day if he buys using the GIG, if he is buying by custom offer then you set the timing

No. Someone can not say banana and point towards apple. Banana is banana. And 24/7 means 24/7. Or you do not type that.

How can I say I work only in Europe daytime and get orders?

Doing it correctly means you do unlimited revision. For this client, you should send her the files in order communication, not in delivery. She can use unlimited revision for the rest of her life since you are granting them those.

Misliš koristi Google translate za efektivnu komunikaciju s klijentima?

How is that even possible? I never knew of your existence until 56 minutes ago?


You shouldn’t do watermark removal jobs. If they want watermark removal done they are likely using an image they don’t have the rights to.


There are a lot of things wrong with your post (and the order) but ignoring it all - you do realise that removing watermarks is almost like stealing? I’m trying to understand the principle behind that, but there’s something else that caught my eye. (and yes, this IS connected to your gig, but I think it’s important since many people think it’s useful but they might end up offending people)

Google translate=friendly communication in every single language.
No. That’s not how it works. You don’t know the grammar of said languages, you don’t know how to write formally (which is often done in business).
If I contacted you in Hungarian and you wrote
Cső, mizu? Mit akarsz?
(Hey, what’s up - what do you want / what would you like I’d be borderline offended. There are certain things in languages that make your communication less than friendly (and google often uses the easiest solution). Stick to languages you can speak!


thank you for your valuable advise. noted that!

I was so late when I understand it. however mistakes and buyers like this will help to polish my path through fiverr. thank you for your valuable response