Amazon AWS Outage


Unfortunately, is also being affected by the current Amazon AWS outage. Hoping we can be online soon! Please follow our social channels for updates.

Download issue, download not possible
Feedback as a seller and buyer
How long to wait for seller to get back


Thank you so much for this message!


Give a dog a bone, not an electrical cord. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this notification!

I understand it’s hard for you, because on Fiverr have million requests everyday !

But I appreciate your work, and I hope Fiverr will be again with 100% of functionalities as soon as possible!

Best wishes!


Oh hey Matt, haven’t seen you for a while.

Any ETA on that uptime? I have some deliveries primed to go…


I have clients in dire straights because they can’t reach me. :cry: (just being a little over dramatic ;-))


What will happen if buyers mark orders as late? while this happen


I’m always here.

OK, that’s not true. I was gone for a week on vacation. :smile:

No word yet on the timing. We’ll let everyone know ASAP. As for orders @misscrystal & @cybercube - if you miss due to the outage, please contact support and they can work with you.


Great to know, one order is currently on late status due to the outage.


Can’t upload and deliver my order, its not nice to have such a dependency to third party services


Oh Thank God! you update here on that issue and i was thinking my internet is not working properly :wink: , Please resolve that issue as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue: 3 orders in Que and have to deliver as fast possible because my clients are always like sitting on rocket or in hurry LOL :smile:


The “Unknown error” while upload should be “We upload everything to AWS, and AWS is not there at the moment” :slight_smile:


Now this is bad. I must say the timing is rather poor, though I’m trying to imagine when would have been a better time. Can we get updates on here too? It will be much appreciated. Thanks.


FYI - Most of the internet relies on AWS and “third party services”. Amazon S3 is used by around 148,213 websites, and 121,761 unique domains.

@esodot - I’d love contextual product updates! Maybe sometime in the future.

@rainny_writer - Yes, I will update here too. Facebook and Twitter will be the quickest most real time updates.


ok i you see the customer list, i agree :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a denial of service attack? But that’s usually of a particular site.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is having issues, and that means everything on the internet is having issues


need to switch to google, they never have issues :slight_smile:


Just say you’ve not noticed it yet. Just about everything on the internet gets a downtime sometimes. It’s still frustrating, though.