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I’m a new seller… not sure if I chose the correct category for my Gig, which is creating a full Amazon product listing including product photography, editing and graphics. I chose “Graphics and Design” do you think this is the best category?


Product listing is under writing and translation

Hello oliviafryer, I think that would be an appropriate category considering you will be spending most of your time dealing with photo’s, editing and graphics correct? If that’s the case, then you may need to rename your gig to focus on that area, and (Include) your services to list the products.

However, I think the “listing products on amazon” might be in a different category. I think you need to look at it like this: Whatever your main focus is of your services for your client, that’s where you want to put it.

Ok, thanks. Yes, I don’t actually write copy or list the items, I just do photography and graphic design work.

You have answered your question then. :slight_smile:
Maybe you can list your gig as something along the lines of…
Design Amazon Product listings.

Good idea, I will just rename with more specific terms. Thanks!

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Anytime! Wish you the best for your gig!