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Amazon now banned in title?


Hi - two of my gig’s for writing reviews have been taken down. Can we not mention Amazon on Fiverr anymore?


should we all think of a code word for ‘amazon’?


Reviews for sites like Amazon are now not allowed on Fiverr as they would violate third party terms of use.

There has been a steady decline of these types over services over the last few months


A code word would probably get by the review stage, but it’ll eventually get caught because you can’t stop buyers from using third-party companies’ names. If you used something like A’zon review, and someone orders, then say "can you post the review to, you will most likely get a red Account Warning regarding the violation, even though you weren’t the one who used the word.

musiclover said: If you used something like A'zon review,

Fiverr is constantly re moderating gigs for TOS violations resubmitted would most probably put the gig under review before it were published, if it did slip the auto net a mod would most likely find it and see this as trying to game the system. If in doubt please head over to customer support they are here for you 24 hours a day :)


There are lots of gigs offering this still, are they going to take them all down?


mine has been taken down and since then I avoid getting into this kind of gigs and I think I am doing fine without that gig




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