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Amazon product review

Im doing a product review for a customer right now. Basically he gave me the product promotion code to get the product free on my Amazon account to review once it comes to me in the mail. I didnt give him any personal information just the order id number. Could i be scammed ?

I doubt you’ll be scammed UNLESS the buyer isn’t a real buyer but an Amazon employee. Paid reviews are against Amazon Terms of Service and you may be sued.

I would cancel this job and give the buyer a refund.

There is a big lawsuit going on right now of Amazon suing Fiverr sellers for writing fake/paid reviews. Better to cancel the job and do not do anymore Amazon reviews.

Edit: post was flagged? I thought original was posted earlier this month but I realize it’s from Oct-2015. Genuinely going thru this and researching.

I have an order open now with the same situation, however I asked if there was another way I could help them “keep record” without providing an order number.
I notice we both seem to use our full name on here, so that leads me to be concerned. I haven’t found too much on this specific type of potential scam, but the replies here are interesting as well regarding reviews.
I’ll be following this topic and share my updates as well.

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