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Amazon Reviews? Legal?

It is my understanding (from) Amazon that purchasing reviews for your book violates their TOS. Yet I see VERY active gigs and highly rated gigs offering + Amazon reviews.

If this gig is “legal”, acceptable, allowed, I would like to offer the service as well. Primarily for non-fiction Health, Fitness and Diet & Nutrition books…

Any thoughts or experience (good or bad) with writing and posting reviews? Thanks!

I was just logging into the forum to see if anyone had posted about this because I saw a news story today that Amazon has just filed suit to try and stop “bogus reviews.” Amazon isn’t naming Fiverr as a defendant, apparently, but is going after individual reviewers as well as people who purchase reviews. Yikes! They say they will close down accounts that have used fake reviews and that they “take legal action,” but I’m not sure what more they can do besides close down the accounts of reviewers who have sold reviews and authors/sellers who have purchased reviews.

They do have teams of lawyers and are suing people (not websites) who sell reviews. Do you want to risk it? Going against Amazon wouldn’t be worth the risk for anyone sensible.

Fiverr is playing whack-a-mole with sellers who provide these services. For every such seller account they close, three more pop up. Unless they’re going to implement a filter that automatically suspends gigs with the words “review,” “Amazon,” etc., it’s an awfully difficult race for them to win.


And yeah: let’s be real, folks. If Fiverr is willing to roll over for PayPal when their clients do a charge-back, you better believe Fiverr is going to roll all the way over for Amazon’s team of attorneys when they come looking for you.

UPDATE: after doing more research and searching past forum posts (2 years back) I see that this is a SHADY practice…and Amazon contacts fiverr for removal.

If your search gigs for the single term “review” you see that those who provide this service just intentionally misspell Amazon, or use their logo without USING the name Amazon.

So I will probably stay away from the idea…Thanks!

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