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AMAZON Sues 1114 FIVERR Sellers

Amazon Files Suit Against Individuals Offering Fake Product Reviews On

Now Amazon is continuing its crackdown on fake reviews by going after individuals who provide these sort of fake reviews – this time, those who used the online freelancing marketplace

Only a few individuals who used Fiverr to solicit jobs are used as example in the suit directly, but an attached “Exhibit A” offers a lists containing 1,114 Fiverr users. They’re called out by their Fiverr usernames only, which indicates that Amazon may not have their complete personal information. The lawsuit would be a first step at gaining that info from Fiverr’s logs.

Excerpted from TechCrunch article by Sarah Perez – 10/17/2015


Sellers of illegal VIDEOHIVE animations - You are next.


So sad!!!

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In the immortal words of Mr. Burns…


I derive great pleasure in seeing people who knowingly broke the rules get punished.

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Although people seem to have been making a decent amount of money from providing fake reviews, and admittedly I used to provide that service, it is against Fiverr’s ToS and also not beneficial to any party involved, really. Users providing the reviews are now potentially in trouble with the law, customers purchases products with fake reviews will be sorely disappointed in a mis-rated product, and users buying reviews will likely receive negative reviews from true customers purchasing their products and I would imagine will eventually run into legal troubles with Amazon as well after they get a hold of the freelancers.

I am experiencing a bit of schadenfreude myself at people breaking rules finally “getting what’s coming to them” but I just hope that this’ll open people’s eyes to trying to bend and break rules for a measly 5 bucks - can’t get a lawyer for that cheap!

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Great news!

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As funny as it sounds you can actually get $5 legal advice right here on Fiverr.✓&search_in=everywhere&source=user-hp&locale=en&query=legal+advice&page=1&layout=auto

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Wow, I never thought Amazon would actually do that. At all. It’s quite surprising actually.

I would be scared out of my mind if I found out I had a lawsuit against them. Wonder what them people are doing now…

I’ve noticed a recent flurry of inbox messages referring to my Ghostwriting gig (blog posts) from buyers asking if I’m willing to do reviews. I also had someone contact me through FB (they found me - I did not give them info) because the found a Google cache of my Kindle Unlimited gig that offered only real critiques on books I read.

That gig is paused, but the person asked if I would do a KU review under that gig through Fiverr even though the gig description is clear that I don’t. I saw this in another lawsuit article:

“According to court records, Amazon went so far during its investigation as to hire several of the people now listed in the suit to actually write fake reviews.”

Makes me wonder if those recent contacts I’ve been getting are related. I’m glad I said no! Most of my gigs were paused in September because I had another life issue that slowed me down, so it’s hard to turn down gigs, but those kind cost too much in ethics and plain risk.

The court docs are actually online and there is a list of the sellers usernames who are in hot water. I checked a few and it seems Fiverr has already suspended their accounts as far as I can tell.

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It’s overdue and it’s time to clean fiverr. Maybe fake video testimonials are next. Several states including NY have made it illegal to use a fake video testimonials to gain profit. Although many large companies have been doing it for years. Of course those big companies are exempt! Watch out for fake legal consulting services and contracts that say they are lawyers but are not. Remember, fiverr is anonymous! But, I do wonder if fiverr and or paypal will hand over the identities of the 1114 sellers that are in the suit?

Update to post: This also opens the doors for companies including Youtube, Twitter, Google and others to sue those posting fake likes, tweets, back links. So, be careful and stay clean. Remember the old saying… what goes around comes around.


This is just going to be the first round in crackdowns…I agree and absolutely can see other companies following the trend to sue like YT, FB, Instagram…People are always going to cheat, but with anything it sometimes just takes the first person/company to stand up and fight to help change things for the better.

I am actually kind of surprised that I just searched Fiverr to see how many Amazone review gigs are still live, and there are thousands. I would have though that Fiverr would have suspended them all, not just the ones named in the suit.

BUt this is quite interesting. Though Sellers should know that it’s against the Terms of Use of both Fiverr and Amazon, and the people selling books on Amazon who are buying these fake reviews should know they cannot violate their contact with Amazon buy buying them, so it’s a whole ring of people doing some not so good things.

I think it could have some ripple effects on the Fiverr platform tightening a few things up. Especially if undercover cops are investigating by buying…

This is just the beginning as this Amazon complaint was apparently started with some of the buyers here going and complaining to FTC on an upcoming lawsuit against fake reviews, online intimidation etc. We should hear more about the trigger that started this investigation in this week. It is much much bigger than what we know so far.

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You mean the sellers on Fiverr, or do you mean the sellers on Amazon, complained about fake reviews?

Oh and I have no doubt this is going to be huge and potentially change the industry on Fiverr and every other Freelance site that lets this happen. Although I am betting they are after Fiverr specifically because they even went to the extent of almost “naming” them in their Terms of Use where they say something like paid reviews are against the rules, especially those sold for $5…or something like that, so they have always been inferring Fiverr in my opinion because that is probably the biggest place they are coming from

I mean that some of the Fiverr buyers had gone to FTC and complained about multiple issues and it seemed that FTC looked at all the adverts including Amazon and other Negative SEO adverts and sent out notices to major platforms in this regard. Amazon buyers and sellers have no clue that the reviews are fake and are coming from Fiverr specifically.

It seems that Amazon took action due to this and others are following suit.

Press Releases as Link Building Services, SEO Ranking Services and other activities bordering on illegal under the new Trans Pacific Treaty are being targeted. DRM removal services, KeyGen, Malicious Negative Reviews, Intimidation is all being targeted. The buzz is that while the fake reviewers are probably harmless in the real sense, there is a large aggregation of malicious networks online which are being targeted.

Fiverr and Paypal will have already received civil subpoenas to disclose the names of the sellers including their paypal accounts etc and till Fiverr and Paypal discloses the names and hands them over, they are in the clear. They are just a platform but you are right, this will have a domino effect on freelance services all across the board.

Is fiverr obligated to comply with an order from an American court? It’s not even located in the USA except for some offices. This might be a puff of smoke.

Fiverr has an office in USA (NYC) and any organization that has operations within United States through a subsidiary or parent would be required to oblige with the civil subpoena. The civil subpeona can be challenged within the court system and if not complied with after court directs so can lead to related action while entering United States.

The USG and DOJ has a lot of power over the banking transactions and online payments and can exert pressure using them. In anycase, Fiverr maintains that they are a platform and are not liable for the actions of the users so they would be complying.

The complaint filed on the link below already states that Fiverr is assisting Amazon with this issue and Amazon will be updating the handle names with the names of each party. In all likelihood, the updated complaint will have additional exhibit highlighting the names of each party, their handle name and their country of origin.



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What about all the fake reviews that Amazon sellers post themselves?

This is a junk lawsuit, Fiverr has no claim and if the judge is an ethical man, he will throw this lawsuit away and make Amazon pay Fiverr’s attorneys fees. . While commercial speech does not enjoy the same protection as free speech, it still enjoys protection. We have the right to review anything and everything. Has Fiverr ever heard of Yelp? I don’t remember Yelp suing all those people who left nasty reviews regarding the dentist who killed the lion.

Yes, some people get paid to read books and leave positive reviews. So what? How is that different from Big Shot Publisher telling every employee- “Hey guys, Stephen King just published a book, I want you to read it and leave a positive review.” It’s no different.

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In no way is this a junk lawsuit.

Fiverr Sellers who did this have Breached their Contract in the TOS of both AMAZON and FIVERR.

AMAZON filed Claims for Relief based on: Breach of Contract, Consumer Protection Act, Intentional Interference With Contractual Relations, Unjust Enrichment/Restitution and Accounting.

This is not and never was a free speech issue.

You don’t get to go back on a deal and say I had my fingers crossed when I signed and agreed to abide by a binding contract because I didn’t really mean it. There are no take-backs.

Just because Big Shot Publishers and some Amazon Sellers and Halliburton and The Carlyle Group get away with shady and illegal doings does not make it right. It’s no different.

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